Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Naughty or Nice

So the idea came to me and I really wanted to do a Christmas themed cap, but being super busy, I wasn't able to finish it until just now! It's hard to caption when there's so many people in your house! But technically it's still Christmas day! At least where I live anyways, so here it is. I have another idea stirring in my mind, so you may see another one from me soon, but for the moment, here's my first Christmas cap ever!

It was going to be another mundane Christmas this year for Robert, no one to share it with and not even a half inch of snow on the ground to make it a white Christmas. The only bright spot in his evening had been the surprise package he had discovered on his doorstep, a Christmas present from his beautiful but rather peculiar neighbor, Sabrina.  It was no surprise then that the contents had been as unique as the giver herself: an ornately decorated glass vial containing a rich purple concoction, with only a cryptic note to explain the mysterious liquid. The note read:

Of this vial,
Add half a cup,
Then after awhile,
Drink it up!

May all your dreams come true,


Robert wasn’t sure what she meant, but decided to give her little brew a try anyways. The drink was surprisingly strong and it wasn’t long before he had decided to snuggle up on the couch for a cozy little nap.

Sometime later, Robert was oddly awoken by the sound of loud boots clomping about. As he drowsily opened his eyes, he was surprised to see the jolly man himself in his apartment, only he seemed younger…and more attractive than he remembered. Wait a minute, attractive? The growing arousal down in his nether regions was undeniable, yet was also unlike any other, different from all his past experiences.

Then suddenly, as if someone had lifted the veils from his eyes, the realization that he was now a woman hit him, but she didn’t panic. In fact, she felt more complete than ever. To be a woman was a dream she’d given up long, long ago, yet against all scientific thought and logical reasoning, the magic had just happened to make it all come true.

Looking at the man in red with new eyes, Sara, as she’d decided to call herself, greeted her visitor with a purr, “Hey Santa”. The rich, breathy, sultriness of her voice surprised her; every syllable seemed to ooze sex, just like all the curves of her body.

 “Well hello there young lady,” Santa said as he turned around, “have you been a good girl lately or have you been naughty?”

Sara thought for a moment, then eased herself off the couch,  “Why don’t I let you decide?” she purred as she lowered herself onto her knees before him. Freeing his engorged member from the restraints of his trousers, Sara was pleasantly surprised to find that it was already stiff and hard. Knowing that she was turning him on turned her on even more. She began her work, hesitant at first, but gaining confidence as she saw him writhing in the building pleasure, until she suddenly felt him tense as he climaxed, spurting a humongous load of fresh, warm, cum down her throat and all over her face. Sara just smiled. There might not have been any snow outside, but it looked like she was going to have her white Christmas after all!


  1. Ooh, what a great way to wake up from a long winter's nap... with an overflowing cup of egg-knob... er, knob-snog!

    Hope you Christmas was filled with fun packages too, Kendall!


    1. Haha, thanks Elle! Fun packages for sure...but I'm not telling details! :P


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