Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Long Nights (for Candy aka realfield)

Transcript: Tiffany was drawn to the jingle of the unbuckling of his pants—whoever he was—like a bee to honey. His hand against the back of her head, gripping her hair forcefully, and pulling her lips towards him was altogether unnecessary, but regardless, highly erotic. Tucked away and hidden from view, Tiffany’s little girlie cock was straining against her pretty lace panties, throbbing hard and sticky wet with pre-cum. Oh Master Slade would be very upset with her for ruining her panties, but she honestly couldn’t help it. He would probably make her lick them clean later and then spank her until her bum was bright red. Thinking about the possibility gave her tingles and only caused her to grow harder.

Tiffany was already salivating. Her lips were eager and ready as she awaited, bound and blindfolded. This was what, her third or fourth cock tonight? Tiffany gagged briefly as the full length of the man’s cock being shoved down her throat took her by surprise. He was large, but not as large as Master Slade. Tiffany was slightly disappointed. She had hoped Master Slade would’ve grown tired of this play by now and exploit her talents personally. No matter, she was going to deep throat this man like the expert she was until the cum came explosively inside her mouth like water from a fire hydrant. Her record was seventeen seconds. She wondered if she could finish this one even faster. If she was lucky, perhaps the next cock to be stuck in her mouth would be one the she knew and loved most: her master’s.

There was no one else quite like Master Slade. He was the one who had groomed her to be the stunning creature she was today. Hard to believe she was ever once a man. By chance or by fate, Slade had discovered her secret crossdressing fetish several months ago and never relinquished his grip since. The transition from Carl to Tiffany had been gradual, but forceful.

It’d started with growing her hair out, while keeping the rest of her shaved completely smooth—then the potent hormones, feminizing surgeries, breast implants, and draconian behavioral training. Master Slade’s iron grip on her had been something she’d come to cherish. She loved the way Master Slade played with her like a doll, having his way whenever he pleased. She would’ve been powerless to resist even if she’d wanted to. He was so strong, so powerful. He could easily pin her down, spread her legs, and force his way inside her; he’d done so on many occasions. But now she was perfect. Tiffany took great pride in the fact that Master Slade enjoyed showing her off to his guests and showcasing her skills. There was no greater compliment.

Tiffany continued to slurp away, her tongue working dexterously along the shaft. Silently, she wondered if this was someone she knew. Last week, Master Slade had had her blow one of her former co-workers. She’d wondered if he’d recognized her. Tiffany’s heart rate spiked as she felt rough fingers sliding the blindfold off her eyes. The light was painful for a few moments as her eyes adjusted. She didn’t recognize the man in front of her, just another lucky party guest then.

Tiffany locked her gaze on his and immediately she felt his thighs beginning to tense up; he was close to finishing. Tiffany wasn’t sure what it was about that desperate doe-eyed look, but it certainly drove men wild. Moments later his cock exploded its hot sticky load inside her hungry mouth like a geyser. A few drops dribbled down the side of her mouth. Like a fresh coat of lipstick, it gave her soft lips a welcome shine. Then as quickly as it had been lifted, the blindfold was replaced and once again she was left to wait. A few moments passed, then the hinges creaked, footsteps sounded, and then stopped. Who was next? Tiffany couldn’t wait to find out.

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  1. Your work is good - I hope you keep putting out quality caps!! <3


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