Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spoiled Appetites (for Simone)


“¡Ay Dios mío! Out, out!” Simone exclaimed in a perfect feign of surprise, sternly disrupting the lovers tryst. Her fiery flurry sent the hunky Italian waiter, who was obviously flushed despite his deep olive complexion, scurrying out of the small, hotel lobby lounge in a fluster. Recapping her lipstick, Simone clicked the miniature camera off and safely tucked it back inside her purse.

“Now where were we, Mrs. Perdue?” Simone playfully questioned her smiling partner in crime, as they found themselves once again alone in the quiet, luxurious lounge, adjacent to one of New York’s swankiest Italian restaurants. Her accomplice Kendall had been posing as the demure Georgia senator’s wife, Caroline Perdue, for the last few days and the footage they had just created was sure to prove more than profitable next election season. Though nothing too scandalous had actually happened, Kendall’s convincing moans and Simone’s clever camera angles would make anyone else believe that it had.

“You didn’t let me finish!” Kendall pouted daintily with the decorum of a proper Southern lady. “And to think how juicy that Italian sausage looked...”

“¿Y qué? Let you spoil your appetite? ¡Estás loca!” Simone purred with a zest, subtly rolling her consonants and elongating her vowels.

The succulent accent of Novatech CEO’s Colombian mistress, Naomi Cristina Diaz-Granados, was a drastic difference from the posh, East Hampton flair of the CEO’s blonde-haired, blue-eyed, trophy wife Vanessa Stevens, and a testament to Simone’s talented range as an actress. So convincing was Simone in her roles, her genius ‘husband’ had no clue that the sweet lips of his wife that had kissed him goodbye, were the very same ones that had greeted him passionately at the airport just hours later as his mistress!

Simone had even managed to keep up Vanessa’s torrid affair with the neighbor’s, pro-baseball player son! Not all the lingerie in Vanessa’s drawers had been bought with her husband’s money!

“Your ‘husband’ y mi ‘novio’ probably are wondering what’s taking us so long,” Simone purred between kisses, every word oozing honey, “but they can wait un poco más, sí? They’re probably still discussing that boring government contract anyways.” 

“Is that right? Well—”. Simone’s assertive lips interrupted Kendall’s playful pretense, pinning the demure housewife up against the wall with her voluptuously enhanced, womanly figure. Even up close, it was impossible to discern that Simone’s luxurious body wasn’t au naturale, or that she, like her accomplice, wasn't even female! Years of crafting experience, combined with the latest in synthetic biomedical polymers, had yielded masks and bodysuits as supple and warm as a real woman’s flesh, and as lifelike as the models—both willing and unwilling—that had been used to make them.  

Simone toyed with her lover patiently as their bodies danced to a tantric tango—a staccato of impassioned moans and erotic crescendos. “Such a naughty lady you are Mrs. Perdue, me vuelves loca,” Simone whispered as she slyly cranked the dial on her ring to the highest setting. The buzz of the ornate plug in Kendall’s ass and vibrators in her suit were palpable from ten feet away.

Simone just giggled as Kendall squealed and nearly collapsed, her legs quivering like jelly. Simone knew she was close; she had been toying with Kendall all evening from across the dinner table. Simone stroked Kendall’s hard-on lightly through her suit, “You may look like a proper, faithful wife, but we both that beneath your conservative peplum dress, your ass is still dripping with the present I gave you earlier.”

“Good heavens, you’re gonna make me make a mess in my suit!” Kendall moaned. Her hips ground desperately against Simone’s deceptively soft, womanly mound, causing Simone to take in a few sharp breaths of her own. Kendall’s nails suddenly dug into Simone’s back, as Kendall’s toes curled and a stream of climactic screams weren’t the only things that came gushing out.

“Buena mamacita,” Simone whispered when it was all over, as she played with Kendall’s hair. It was something Simone knew Kendall secretly enjoyed. “I want you to return to your ‘husband’ all warm and sticky on the inside.” Simone’s hands rubbed and squeezed Kendall’s bodysuit’s secret sheath, massaging the hot cream trapped within. “When he takes you home, I want you to be already satisfied as he tries to turn you on—to be already dripping wet and oozing creamy pussy juice as he licks your clit. He won’t realize he’s actually tasting your cum.”

“Bless your heart, I’m not satisfied yet!” Kendall corrected coquettishly. Kendall dropped slowly to her knees, and when Simone didn’t disapprove, plunged her whole hand deep between Simone’s tight wet folds. A few seconds later, Kendall found what she was looking for and Simone’s impressive, engorged gift emerged with a dramatic pop.

“My turn to return the favor,” Kendall declared as she swallowed Simone’s gift whole. Simone spewed out a mix of moans and encouragements, as she pushed Kendall’s eager mouth all the way down. Despite Simone’s enormous size, Kendall didn’t gag as Simone slid smoothly over her tongue and hit the back of her throat.

“You know what I love that’s the same about cannoli and your cock?” Kendall teased slyly between sucks, still managing to sound like a proper Southern lady despite talking with her mouth full. “They’re both filled with cream, and I’m fixin’ to suck out every last drop!”

It didn’t take long before Simone could no longer contain herself and unleashed ribbons of warm, gooey cream all over Kendall’s innocent face, ruining her carefully polished mascara and eye shadow. Kendall rubbed her reward deep into her skin like moisturizer and stared into Simone’s gaze contentedly. “I love the way your sweet cream tastes. Now I’m satisfied,” Kendall giggled, licking her lips as she felt Simone’s gift rouse within her hand once more. “But I always have room for seconds!”

A short while later, the two ladies, their dresses crisp and makeup unsmeared—wholly engaged in an enthralling discussion about chicken casserole—rejoined their husband and boyfriend at the table. ‘Naomi’ coiled around her lover like a lynx, while her delicate hands found their way into his lap, instantaneously distracting him from whatever sensitive negotiations had been ongoing. Senator Perdue seized the interruption to kiss ‘his wife’, “I love that scent on you, dear, expensive no doubt.”

“I’m glad you approve, dear. It was a present from Naomi, such a sweetheart.” Kendall replied, coying smiling at Simone. Sweet cream indeed, if only her ‘husband’ knew what it really was! And now she had an excuse to wear it as often as she could!

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