Sunday, April 7, 2013

Naughty Afternoon Possession

Transcript: Alex smiled. This was amazing! He hadn’t really believed that it was possible, but the amulet had worked. As fantastical as it seemed, he was now inside and in total control of the body of Kara Stanton, one of the prettiest girls at school, and her lascivious body was his to do with as he pleased!

After making sure that her bedroom door was locked, he quickly began to strip out of her school uniform. As pretty as it made her look, this would likely be the only chance he would ever have to gaze upon what marvelous beauty lay hidden beneath the prim and proper of her blouses and skirts. Kara’s body did not disappoint. Her skin was smooth and fair and her frame gentle and lithe, but with a figure of a goddess. She had a beautiful pair of breasts too, large, but firm and appropriately sized for her age. Sitting on her chest, they looked perfect. It surprised him how small and delicate her hands felt as ‘she’ cupped her breasts. ‘She’ suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have a man caress them, but quickly shook the idea from her head.

An exploratory touch of her clit sent a loud involuntary squeal flying from her lips and an unfamiliar tingle reverberating throughout her entire body. Fueled by fervent desire, she immediately reached down for more as she let her other hand slip deep within the eager recesses of her womanly flesh. Lost in a storm of passion, it was only the incessant hum of ‘her’ phone that at last diverted her attention, an interruption, she vowed, that would only be temporary.

An impish smile crossed her face as saw who it was: Kara’s boyfriend. She briefly wiped her hand, picking up at once, but interrupting him before he could say more than a few words, “Hey stud, if you can make it over to my house in ten minutes, I’ll let you bend me over, hike up my skirt, and fuck me like a little schoolgirl slut.”

The line went dead instantly, but not before a flurry of activity, followed by the slam of a car door could be heard. He didn’t have to say a word, she knew where he was going. It was bound to be a memorable afternoon.


  1. Sultry and sinful, but undeniably irresistible. You always find ways to give some unique weight to very sensual and sexy scenarios. Fantastic.

    1. Oh gee Mistress, you're making me blush! Thank you so much!


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