Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not What She Seems

Bodysuits, masks, and disguises was originally what got me into the world of tg captions and as such, they will always hold a special place in my heart. This a revisit to one of my favorite transformation methods and I plan to write a lot more bodysuit/disguise caps in the future! 

Transcript: Descending from the 35th floor, the girl had plenty of time to apply a fresh coat of lipstick and readjust other aspects of her appearance before sashaying confidently through the lobby and vanishing into crowded street. Despite her glamorous looks, the male front desk receptionist had barely even batted an eye and only bided her good evening as she walked past. It was expected of the hotel’s affluent clientele. No further exchange beyond the polite recognition of each other’s presence was made, but they both knew from his alternating gaze between her and her oversized bag that he was not na├»ve to the nature of her visit, or so he thought.

In actuality, there was much more to her than most would give her credit for, an advantage she unhesitatingly exploited. Had anyone bothered to look into her oversized bag, they would’ve found the expected change of clothes, kinky lingerie, and erotic toys, but a closer examination would’ve also revealed the presence of a rather unusual item: a very special flash drive. It was what she, or he rather, had been sent to retrieve from the occupant of suite 410, the notorious underworld gangster Louie Mantovani. Spectre tried hard not to crack a smile as he recalled the evening’s past events.

The lifelike bodysuit he was wearing had performed marvelously, allowing him the guise of a lovely brunette seductress, even under the most intimate circumstances. It was a wonder what splendid technology they had these days and he would most certainly be using this particular piece of equipment again. Not only had Mantovani literally invited ‘Juliette’ up to his room, more than tripling the amount of time saved compared to the conventional way, Mantovani had also had the good sense to demand privacy for the two of them, making the job that much easier. But the benefits hadn’t only been empirical. There had been the endless amount of free drinks at the bar while he’d waited for Mantovani, which had undoubtedly led to the discovery of the bodysuit’s more exquisite capabilities later, including the unbelievably intense sensations generated by the suit’s cutting edge neuro-simulators. Missions were so much more satisfying this way.

Spectre just hoped that the boys at the lab wouldn’t be too upset with him for having dirtied the insides of the suit. In the heat of passion, neither he nor Mantovani had remembered to use protection or to pull out. It’d been a simple mistake. He hoped they would understand, but if not, he could always argue that he had only been intentionally collecting a genetic sample! 


  1. Kendall, Kendall, Kendall. This is exactly why I love your work so much. The story was so meticulous in it's detail yet fluid in it's pacing. You have made this Spectre character a joy and I love how you often find a way to give a touch of class to even your most wicked fantasies.

    And also, you might want to check either my blog or Rachel's Haven: I've cooked up another adventure for you and I believe you'll be pleased with the results.

    1. Thank you Mistress! One thing I struggle with the length of my stories. More often than not, I end up writing a lot more than I intended to for a one panel caption and I have to try and shorten it or fit it all in, so I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed the pacing of this story!

      I also plan to be using Spectre regularly, so I'm also very glad that you find him intriguing!

      And as always, it's a pleasure to see what little adventure you've cooked up for me, I've already seen it now and left a comment on your blog! Thanks!

    2. I too loved the Spectre character. I'm a big fan of spy novels and always wanted to be a "Bond girl" - sexy, confident, seductive, and potentially lethal!

      I actually prefer reading and writing the longer caps because you can include so many more of the details that really make a story stand out from the rest. I've found that if I can't fit it all onto one panel (and I don't have a 2nd pic of the model I'm using), I'll often make the first pic be of a scene that helps sets the stage for the second pic. Just a suggestion! Awesome writing as usual in this story!!
      Ciao! Elise

    3. Hmm, perhaps a "Bond girl" cap is in order soon! Thanks for your input Elise! I'll consider your advice the next time I make a cap!


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