Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring of Femininity

Transcript: What was he going to do now? Kris groaned in frustration, but the cacophony that left his throat soon morphed into melodic moans as his eager hands autonomously explored unspoiled terrain. It wasn’t supposed to be possible! He and his friends had been having great vacation on the tropical island paradise when one of his friends had dared him to jump into the “Spring of Femininity”, reputed among the locals to have magical properties. Never one to chicken out, he’d boldly taken the plunge into the spring headfirst: big mistake. 

When he’d emerged, he was horrified to notice an unfamiliar pair of weights on his chest. A quick examination had confirmed the rest, his large muscular frame had melted away to a lithe slender form and the manhood he had once been so proud of had been replaced by an exorbitantly sensitive mound. Thankfully, his friends hadn’t been there to witness the sight. They’d all decided to wait at the cave entrance to the spring, but he knew they would come looking for him if he didn’t soon return. 

A short gasp escaped his lips as the delicate fingers of his new body slipped within the soft folds between his legs. Despite being drenched and completely naked, Kris could feel a growing warmth overtaking his body, causing him to tense up as the pleasure intensified. The feeling grew tighter and tighter and warmer and warmer, until all at once, the most profound sensation erupted within him. His thighs quaked and his toes clenched the cold black rock below him as gigantic contractions caused various parts of his body to throb and convulse in ecstasy. He struggled to control his screams as the waves of bliss overpowered him, afraid that his cries would send his friends hurrying in his direction. 

As the general tingle of his orgasm ebbed however, the new girl quickly realized that she wanted, no needed, to experience that sensation again and more. Coincidentally, she also knew just where to find a group of horny young studs to satisfy her every need...

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