Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cyber Girl Thrills

Transcript: It had started innocently enough for Alex. His only intention had been to see how well he could pass by presenting himself en femme on chatroulette. It was quite a thrill, never knowing who would come up next or how they might react, but nothing excited him more than being able to pass for a girl in front of a complete stranger. He worked hard to achieve his desired look, shaving himself smooth from head to toe, even though he knew they couldn’t see his legs, and investing in a high-quality wig and realistic breast forms, which further enhanced his passability. Going by Giselle, it didn’t take long before he found his new identity blossoming and attracting plenty of male attention.

It was on one such occasion that Giselle found herself engaged in a rather raunchy exchange when partway through, she was completely taken aback when the man she was chatting with discreetly implied that he would be willing to part with a generous sum should she be willing to go a little further. The proposition both frightened and delighted her at the same time. To be made such an offer was an enormous compliment, but the circumstances were hardly less than ideal. After some deliberation, Giselle politely declined, but the encounter had planted the idea in her mind.

Two weeks later, Giselle anxiously performed her first cam show to a meager crowd of less than twenty. Within a few weeks however, she was regularly pulling in thousands of dollars per night from her hundreds of fans, all of which had no idea about her not-so-little-secret hidden within her panties. In fact, some of them had even gotten in touch with her privately about a more…intimate experience. She was still contemplating their offers. With her latest acquisition, it was possible, and she had wanted to test her faux virgin pussy out, but would it be convincing enough? There was only one way to find out…


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