Monday, March 24, 2014

Specialized Education

It's not always the pupil that needs to be taught a lesson...

 A seven part TG adventure in tease and denial, click the link below to see the entire series!

Transcript: Seriously? Katie was failing this level of math? Algebra II really wasn’t that hard. But, Tom wasn’t complaining. Katie Brightman, the de facto queen bee, head cheerleader, and rich spoiled daughter of some millionaire inventor, was paying him through the roof to take the test for her, as her.  
Tom still couldn’t get over how disturbingly convincing the mask and bodysuit were. It was ingenious trickery. Katie’s math teacher, Mr. Jackson had brought her into the private testing room, since ‘she’ was taking the test late, without a second thought, though not without a second glance. Katie had warned him about Mr. Jackson. Apparently, he was quite the perv. She’d been fucking her way through his class to keep herself from dropping into academic probation, but had grown tired of doing it. The year was less than a third of the way through and Katie already couldn’t bear to think of being bent over a desk and having her pussy rammed any longer. That was why she’d hired him.
Though Katie had provided the flirty blue dress for him to wear, it was Tom that had insisted upon the white silk stockings and accompanying heels, much to Katie’s protest of being outdated and making her look like a stripper. But Tom had done his research and discovered a few useful pieces of information in preparation for this afternoon’s encounter.
Tom glanced over his answers one more time. They were all correct. Mr. Jackson would be in for a shock. The sound of footsteps echoed down the hall. Speak of the devil. 
“Finished? Ready to do your extra credit?” Mr. Jackson asked as he noted ‘Katie’s’ choice of dress with satisfaction. 
“Of course, Mr. Jackson,” ‘Katie’ paused, “do you like the way I’m dressed today? I got dolled up just for you, you know.”
Mr. Jackson nodded, “Mmm, baby, you look so tasty.”
“Tell me then, tell me how pretty I look.”
The confusion was evident on Mr. Jackson’s face. There was something distinctly different about Katie today. 
SLAP, “Tell me,” ‘Katie’ commanded forcefully. 
Mr. Jackson’s confusion turned to outrage and then bewilderment, but he played along. “Alright, alright! You look very pretty today, Katie. Geez, don’t get your panties all in a bunch!”
“Just today Mr. Jackson?”
“Fine, always. You always look very pretty.” By now, Mr. Jackson was beginning to seem very unsure of himself, a rarity for the usually dominating alpha dog.
“Sit,” Katie pointed to the desk adjoined to hers, then kicked off her heels. 
Mr. Jackson complied and watched as Katie began rubbing her feet over his pants and up and down his entrapped cock. Now they were getting somewhere. This was the slut he knew, though she’d never done this before. Damn she had such sexy feet, especially when they were all encased in a silky cocoon like that. His hands moved to free his engorged member, but Katie’s feet swatted them away. 
“Nuh uh, not until I say so,” Katie chided playfully and then continued to work her magic. “I can feel how badly you want me to let me take your cock out, so tell me. How badly do you want me to let you take out your cock?”
“Uh, I want to take it out.”
“I know that,” Katie cooed, “but how badly? Tell me.”
“Damn bitch! Are we going to fuck or what?” Mr. Jackson exploded, earning him an even harder slap across the face. “Damn! What is with you?”
“You will refer to your Mistress with respect! From now on, you will address me only as Mistress or Mistress Katie. Is that understood?” Katie spoke with an authority that surprised even herself. 
“Look, can we just get on with this?”
Katie stopped stroking his cotton imprisoned shaft and then coolly removed her feet from his lap, “If you want me to continue, you will do as I say.”
Mr. Jackson growled, but gave in, “Fine. Yes…Mistress. I really want you to let me take out my cock.”
Katie smiled, “Good, that wasn’t so hard now was it? That was a pretty pathetic answer, but seeing as this is your first time, I’ll be lenient. You may do so now.”
It sprang out like a full pressure fire hose. 
“At least your cock knows how to show proper respect,” Katie commented as she wrapped her feet around and began to stroke it—small delicate strokes, large relaxing strokes, and tiny vibrating strokes. 
Barely five minutes had elapsed before Katie began to feel Mr. Jackson’s thighs tensing up. Katie’s pace slowed to a crawl and then total stand still. Then, careful not to let her feet move, she leaned in and blew a light single breath over Mr. Jackson’s shaft. It quivered uncontrollably, then ceased without spewing a single drop. Katie giggled. Mr. Jackson groaned. Mr. Jackson tried to get himself manually, but found his arms pinned by a much stronger girl than he remembered. 
“Lesson number one, your cock belongs to me now. I control when and how much pleasure you’re allowed to get. Trying to fight it will only make it worse,” but Mr. Jackson paid no attention to her warning. Katie took a free knee and drove it up with increasing pressure into Mr. Jackson’s crotch until he had begged her to stop more times than she could count. 
“Since you seem to have failed learning your lesson, I think we ought to start again, from the beginning. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes Mistress.” It was the only exasperated reply Mr. Jackson could muster.

Three hours later, Mr. Jackson had finished the first phase of his training. He was still locally defiant, but much of his resistance to her commands had been eroded away. The constant merciless teasing and denial had proved to be too much. 
“Congratulations,” Katie purred, her feet still stroking his weary cock, “you’ve been a good boy today. You haven’t spilled a single drop. That makes me very happy. So as a reward, I am going to let you cum all over my pretty little feet. Are you ready? In 3…2…1.”
Mr. Jackson moaned as his hot spunky load shot all over Katie’s toes and feet. It was probably the biggest he’d ever released in his life. 
Katie seemed mildly amused. “Now what do you say?”
“Thank you, Mistress,” came the automatic reply. 
“Good, now clean it up.”
He obeyed after a moment’s hesitation. When he was finished, Katie ordered him to lie back down and close his eyes. She had one more surprise for him. It was a chastity cage. Mr. Jackson roared with fury when he found out, but there was nothing he could do. It had already been locked and the key safely hidden away in some other secret location. 
“If you’re a good boy, I might take it off at the end of this year,” Katie promised. She tried not to let the true extent of her amusement show. It was going to be a tough year for Mr. Jackson. She’d already told a few of the girls on the cheer squad what she’d done and they were delighted to take part in her little scheme to strut around Mr. Jackson in their shortest skirts and tightest tops whenever possible, to never let him forget.
The real Katie never found out exactly what it was that Tom did, but she did find Mr. Jackson most amicable for the rest of her high school career. But if she ever had even the slightest pipsqueak of trouble out of him, all she had to do was call Tom. He would suit up, pay Mr. Jackson a visit, and that would be the end of it. Reeducating Mr. Jackson was never a task that Tom didn’t look forward to…and as time went on, Mr. Jackson came to see it that way too…


  1. Really good. Thank you.

  2. That was awesome. :D

    1. Thank you! I was pretty hesitant to put this up as I wasn't sure it would be well received but I can see I was wrong to doubt! Thanks for your comment Hazel!

  3. Another great caption!
    I finally managed to isolate your background picture and do a successful image search, so I now know who she is!
    Her name is 3lle Al3xander (substiture the 3's for e's, and not to be confused with the wrestler/stuntwoman by the same name) and she's a model who does glamour/solo/lesbian scenes/photo shoots, including some with the equally hot Ki3ra Wint3rs. As far as I can tell she's never done any boy/girl stuff, apart from some softcore in a series called Kamikaze Love (AKA Pleasure or Pain), found on S3xArt.
    That's all I've managed to find about her. For some more hot pics, just google her name (in combination with "xxx" or "hot" for the good stuff).

    1. Sorry, typo, it's actually 3lle Al3xandra.

    2. Oh ok cool! Thanks for letting me know! I know of her actually, but I was surprised I didn't recognize her! I think I'm more used to seeing her with freckles. I'll definitely check it out!

  4. This is inspired work. The writing is scorching off the screen and the images help build that slow burn. Excellent!

    1. Thank you Simone! I always do love a nice drawn out tease...especially if I get to be the one doing it! It's just too much fun driving the boys crazy!


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