Monday, March 17, 2014

Worthwhile Diversions

Things never quite turn out the way they're planned...


Robert, Jack, and Sam used to play football each day from sun-up to sun-down and go to sleep with a football cradled in their arms. School was merely a bothersome interruption. Unfortunately, none of them stood much taller or sturdier than the flimsy dwarf shrubs that lined the fence around the high school football field, even as seniors, but that dismayed none of them from consuming their days on the gridiron. 

Disapproving of their folly, but unable to convince them otherwise, their mothers resorted to drastic measures in hopes of redirecting their attention to more practical matters, such as their books. Such pursuits would be far more beneficial to their futures than playing ball. Their mothers turned them into girls, a change that would make them ineligible for play. 

In some respects, their mothers succeeded. While their love for football never subsided, Bobbi, Jackie, and Samantha did each go on to pursue other interests in their respective colleges. Samantha went on to become head cheerleader at her college and currently inspires jealousy among her peers by dating the school’s starting quarterback, a candidate in the Heisman race. Bobbi is likewise dating her college’s star passer, though she has found her passion as co-captain of the dance team and is looking to pursue a career in show business. Jackie, on the other hand, wanted more substance from a man, finding quarterbacks to be too lanky, and thus found for a steel-built tight end capable of hammering anything in two instead. None of the girls play ball anymore, but that’s only because they’re too busy playing with their boyfriends’. But at least being a trophy wife won’t be too shabby.


  1. I'm sure this has probably been asked (and answered) before, but who is the amazing redhead you used as a background for your site?
    I'd really like to do a websearch to find more visual materials of that stunning beauty.
    Oh, and thanks for all the captions you've made over the years. I primarily enjoy the complete transformations and especially the more naughty ones where they get stuck due to some male body fluids...

    1. I'm actually not sure who she is! I'm sorry! The few photos I have of her contain no information whatsoever.

      And thank you! I really appreciate that you appreciate my work! Every artist loves to have their work recognized and commented on! As for your specific likes, I'll see what I might come up with. I think I have an idea in mind. Any particular name you'd like me to use if I do end up writing it?

  2. Cool!
    If you could use the name Jeff I'd appreciate it. :)
    I'll try to do an image search using Google then. I'll let you if I find something (and I'll disguise her name so you won't get in trouble).

    1. No luck with the image search.
      Perhaps if I could somehow obtain the entire image... But I can't seem to isolate it from all the other parts of the webpage (I'm not really very adept at HTML and stuff).
      Oh well... Thanks for the reply anyway.

    2. Okeydokes. Also, one more question for you! Do you prefer voluntary or forced transformations?

  3. I like many different scenario's, but the involuntary transformations are usually more fun. That doesn't automatically mean (s)he doesn't like the change though, (s)he could just be maintaining a macho facade.
    The involuntary scenario where the new girl gets seduced by a man and the change made permanent without her consent (but at least a part of her is ecstatic she will get to experience more sex like that) is always fun, but I also like the scenario in which she really starts to like the changes (either before or during the sex) and begs a guy to make it permanent.
    I'm rambling. I'm sure that anything you come up with will be fun. Thanks again for all your wonderful caps!


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