Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Disguised as an Angel

She's not the Angel you think she is...

This is another one of those caps where I've had the idea for so long, but I just hadn't put it together until now. I think I came up with the concept almost a year ago, but the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show reminded me of it again and I just simply had to do it. I ended up going through a couple of rewrites, changing perspectives, before I finally settled on this.

By the way...I've decided that for the future, the Phantom will be the character I use for more duplicitous activities (he's appeared before in "Damsel in Distress") while Spectre will remain the sly covert operative who also frequently adopts feminine disguises.

Transcript: “Sweet dreams,” the Phantom cooed with mock sincerity as the gorgeous twenty-five year old supermodel’s baby blue eyes faded out of consciousness.

Discarding the damp formaldehyde rag, the Phantom quickly removed his ingenious disguise. Posing as Miss Swanepoel’s personal makeup artist had provided him with the free and private access he needed to quietly incapacitate and now replace the blonde, South African beauty. Expanding the many trays and layers of his elaborate makeup case, the Phantom deftly unraveled a second disguise, comprised of an exquisite mask and bodysuit that had been hidden discreetly beneath a secret panel. Easily shedding one skin for another, the Phantom smirked with satisfaction as he watched Miss Swanepoel’s twin materialize in the mirror. Obtaining the measurements and reference photographs from which he’d constructed the mask and bodysuit had not been easy, but he’d done it. A quick comparison of his new form with that of the naked motionless doll on the floor only confirmed what he already knew; his disguise was impeccable, even in the places that no one else would ever see. It was a shame he didn’t have more time. He would’ve liked to have had a little fun with her first…or as her—it shouldn’t have been too hard to find an unwitting accomplice.

A knock on the door of the private dressing room interrupted the master thief’s thoughts—right on cue. Two Terminator-like guards waited outside with the subject of their constant protection: the 2013 Royal Fantasy Bra and matching belt. Adorned with over 4,200 precious gems, including rubies, diamonds, and yellow sapphires, the dazzling, handset, 18 carat gold bra, with its magnificent 52 carat pear-shaped ruby in the center and matching belt, were worth a combined 10 million dollars—just the sort of heist worthy of the Phantom’s talent.

10 million dollars and the two overpaid security guards had just unwittingly handed it over to him. It was only one of two times that the Fantasy Bra would leave their sight, the other being when ‘Miss Swanepoel’ returned to her private dressing room to remove the exorbitant finery. That was when he would make the switch before returning the secure carrying case to its patronizing protectors. They wouldn’t bother to closely check the jewels right then and there. After all, who would suspect a world class supermodel of such conniving thievery? By the time anyone discovered something was amiss, the Phantom would be long gone, relaxing on some unnamed island in the South Pacific, drink in hand, and content until the next opportunity arose.

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