Saturday, March 15, 2014


I'd certainly let her have her way with me. Would you?

Transcript: “Hello John,” the blonde little sex kitten purred as John entered the room.

“Well hello there—the fuck? Liam?” John’s initial intoxication sobered into disgust as he recognized the girl on his bed as his roommate. They hadn’t been living together for very long, but John had a talent for recognizing faces.

The girlish creature pouted, “I overheard you the other day and what you said about ‘trannies’ and ‘cross dressers’. How they’re just ugly sissy men in skirts and how you hate seeing them with their clown-faced makeup and tissue stuffed bras. Well, I thought you should know that I’m a cross dresser too. What do you think? You can call me Jenny.”

The buxom bombshell stirred, her golden locks magically falling into place as she sat up with her legs spread wide, giving John a generous unobstructed view.

“This hair is just a wig. I have others too. I can be a blonde, brunette, or redhead, but I chose this one because I know you have a thing for blondes. These gorgeous, magnificent breasts, they’re fake too. They’re just silicone self-adhesive forms. They sure look pretty real though don’t they? They feel pretty real too. And this empty space between my legs. I’m sure you’re still baffled by it, and wondering if my cock is still there; it is. This smooth flat front is only another illusion. My cock is tucked and taped away beneath these frilly panties. Would you have ever guessed? I doubt it. So tell me, am I what you expected? How do I look? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

His poker face was good, but John couldn’t hide the automatic. He adjusted his body discreetly in an effort to conceal his true opinions, but his attempt failed to go unnoticed.

“Why don’t I help you with that?” Jenny licked her lips and wiggled close smoothly.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what you do to yourself, you’re still a man and I’m not gay. You can keep your ‘help’ to yourself.”

Jenny’s hands were now around his waist. “Are you going to stop me?”

She pulled his zipper down slowly, then grasped her prize.

“Didn’t think so.”


  1. Hi Kendall can I get a cap done about a man named pj and a latex catsuit thanks

    1. Hi Phillip! I usually don't take requests, but I'll keep it in mind if the mood strikes!


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