Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dual Performance

This time, Spectre has a little help from the original...

Transcript: “Well sir?”  Senior Agent Dawson asked the Chief. The demonstration had been arranged to obtain the final go-ahead for the mission.
    “Incredible. I can’t tell which is which. It’s downright eerie.” the Chief added, as he watched the two identical women sauntering seductively on the other side of the glass. It clearly disturbed him to know that one of the indistinguishable pair was actually Spectre, their top male operative.
    The other half of the dyad, and the one whom both appeared to be, was Savannah Rose, the favored mistress of Chicago Family boss Louie Cardone. The Agency had successfully elicited her cooperation after they helped her realize she could gain more by going straight, in some sense anyways. As part of the arrangement, Savannah had provided Spectre with hours of private instruction, during which she groomed him to perform the expectations of his new role, including those of a more intimate nature.
    Role play was frequent. Savannah was almost always Louie—a large, realistic, squirting strap-on would be one of the more bizarre objects on the department expense reports that year—but sometimes, the ‘girls’ would just play. Some would call it narcissism, but who could blame her? Savannah was an extremely attractive woman.
    As for Spectre, having the opportunity to interact with and observe up-close the subtleties of his subject was a wonderful luxury. The wealth of detail he had gleaned ensured that the uncanny resemblance would be more than just physical. Usually he would’ve had to improvise the unique vocalizations of ecstasy, but having spent countless hours bringing Savannah to such a state, he knew precisely how to mimic her sultry moans and breathy cadence. He also knew exactly how she bit her lightly glossed lower lip as the kettle began to sing, and how her back arched and fingers clenched the sheets as it finally boiled over. It was choreography he’d rehearsed many times before.
    To Spectre’s left lay a sizable glass dildo, identical to the one on Savannah’s right. The stage was set. The performance would soon begin, but he had no opening night jitters; he knew the Chief would not be disappointed.

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