Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Morning After (for Sammie)

After a fantastic night out, Sammie and Peter wake up to an even better morning in...

To call this one long overdue would be an understatement. Sammie is a wonderful captioner who has made many great captions for me over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, I was always too hesitant to try to cap her back. I wanted to make something incredible, something equally as amazing as what she had given me, and no matter what I tried, I simply felt that I couldn't match it, so I didn't do a return (though I certainly kept it in the back of my head that I owed her), until now.

I'd wanted to cap her back for awhile now and had even tried multiple times, but never to any avail. I think part of what may have helped me break through this time was that I had capped Simone recently, another favorite caption artist of mine whose level of artistic quality and masterful storytelling I always appreciate. Like with Sammie, I had held off captioning Simone because I felt I couldn't match her, and I didn't want to give her something that was sub par. Eventually however, I decided just to do my best, and let the chips fall. It wasn't as bad as I thought. So since then, Sammie has been on my mind. I have several ideas swimming about my head, but this was the first to burst through. Surprisingly easy to write, I struggled to keep it short.

The picture itself also definitely inspired much of my story. I had actually originally intended to use the picture for another cap, but this fit just too well. I actually also ended up photoshopping the hair color of the girl to make her a redhead. Sammie has a thing for redheads (as do I) and I think it looks believable enough to be happy with.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Transcript: “Good morning beautiful,” Peter whispered cheerily into Sammie’s ear as he caressed her from behind and was in return greeted with a kiss. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

Sammie looked at Peter quizzically, with the type of expression that cautioned him to chose his next words wisely.

“No, no, no! Nothing bad,” Peter reassured her hastily, “I just mean to say that last night was incredible. You were—you are incredible, Sammie. No one has ever made me feel like this before and I just wanted you to know. I love you, all of you.”

Sammie tried to conceal her melting heart and renewed desire for the man in front of her, but to no avail. Her seven inch cock was already poking through her cotton panties and pressing into Peter’s rock hard abs. Most guys didn’t know what to do with a special girl like her, but Peter did.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Sammie sighed as Peter planted little kisses all along the sensitive side of her neck. She could feel him growing hard in response to her too, which took her back to last night when they had surfed a tidal wave of pleasure together and climaxed at the same time. Sammie could smell the musk of precum oozing out from the tip of her cock and she could tell that Peter could smell her excitement too.

Peter groaned as he wistfully drew back from their embrace, “I’m sorry Sammie, but I have to be head to work. I’d really love to do this again sometime soon though. Perhaps Friday?”

Sammie gave it her best pout, “Can’t you just call in sick?”

A moment of silence elapsed as Sammie pleaded as persuasively as she could with her large doe eyes.

“Well now that you mention it,” Peter began, “I think I might be coming down with something. It’s making my stomach all feel funny, my spine all tingly, and my heart all fuzzy: I think it’s called it love.”


  1. Oh that is my fantasy..
    to be a gurl and find a boy that could love me

  2. Great caption. Lovely Sammie story.


    1. Thank you Jillisa! Sammie is such a fun girl to write for :)


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