Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Spice of Life (for Chelsea Baker)

Life's what you make it...

Here's a long overdue capback for Chelsea. I admit, one of the things that really threw me for a loop in trying to come up with something for her is that she enjoys changing races. As horribly insensitive as this may sound, I just generally don't find non-Caucasian women attractive and when I make a caption, liking the caption that I make is a very important aspect for me. I suppose I settled for the middle ground here. The model in the picture is Megan Salinas, a more anglo looking latina, and I tried to work with Chelsea's preferences as best I could without compromising my own interests.

I think one of the things I've come to realize is that I don't want to make a caption for the sake of making a caption. When I make a caption, be it for myself or for someone else, it should be something that I can look at and say, yeah, I did a great job. It's become very important for me to really enjoy all of the captions that I make and from this point forward, you may notice I do more or less of certain tropes. From now on, all my captions will be primarily for me. I want to be proud of them and to enjoy them first and foremost. Then, if I can make someone else happy too, well, that's an added plus.

Transcript: The odyssey-long disclaimers, risks, and warnings on the waivers the lab had made him sign the first day had always been in the back of Chad’s mind, but the thought of something actually happening had seemed unlikely. Now, several months after the incident, the investigators were still trying to uncover all of the accident’s effects. Chad’s case, though bizarre, had actually been relatively simple. He had been transformed into a woman, a spicy hot latina to be more precise.

The shock of it all had been a lot to take in at first. A week after the transformation, Chelsea, as she’d resigned to calling herself, had gone down to her favorite bar, only to find herself swarmed by men. She’d never felt so uncomfortable before in her life! Even as a guy, Chelsea had never had much experience with dealing with the other sex, the prospect had always somewhat terrified her, so she’d stayed away from it, but now it seemed inevitable! But after about the thousandth pickup line, she’d discovered that she was actually starting to enjoy being fawned over. Over the last few months, her wardrobe had slowly shifted from t-shirts and sweatpants to dresses, low-cut tops, and high fuck-me heels. She’d gone on dates, been wined and dined, and even let things get a little hot, but it hadn’t been until about the last two months that she’d really begun to embrace her sexuality.

The first time she’d slept with a man, she’d been very timid, but now, she just couldn’t get enough. Maybe it was the male side of her brain, but she was simply insatiable. Her current boyfriend didn’t seem to mind though, he was always more than happy to let Chelsea play with his cock whenever she liked, which was especially convenient that he worked from home, since that was always. One of Chelsea’s favorite activities was sneaking up on him while her boyfriend was working, out of view of the conference webcam, dressed in her sexiest lingerie, and sucking him off while he was still in a meeting with his bosses. It didn’t bother her that his bosses had gotten the occasional glimpse, it’d helped get her boyfriend a raise and an invitation to the annual company retreat after all. They would be flying out to Hawaii in two weeks. Chelsea couldn’t wait, it was bound to be tons of fun, but she also wondered, how would her boyfriend feel about swinging?

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