Saturday, March 1, 2014

Special Sisterhood (for Victoria)

You never know just what kind of girl you might find in a sorority house...

A five part caption. Click "Read More" to read the rest!

So this started with a simple idea inspired by a caption that Dee made for me recently (well, made a while ago, but one that I just saw recently). Like I said, it started as a simple idea, but as I continued to write it, it just continued to grow and grow and grow. I had originally intended it to be a short one panel caption. As you can see, I stuck to that length pretty well (cue the sarcasm alert).

Anyways, I was looking through the "who-do-I-owe" list that I keep on the Haven and going through their preferences when I came across Victoria Knox's preferences. The thing that caught my eye the most was the fact that she did not want to be completely transformed, she wanted to have the "penis [left] intact", which I thought was quite intriguing. A particular fascination of mine is with extremely passable traps and thus the idea--combined with Dee's inspiration--was born.

Admittedly, this cap eventually morphed to include a good number of my own fantasies since Victoria's preferences post was quite general in the specifics and I thus, I had some difficulty not focusing on my own character in this caption set. I actually had to go back and rewrite a few parts and add additional dialogue and description to make it more of a third person omniscient narrative and give Victoria a more active role. Because I did skew a bit to my own likes, I'm a bit unsure of whether or not she'll enjoy it, but I definitely had a lot of fun writing it. If anything, it'll be one of my more favorite caps that I've written recently!

Transcript: “Do you know why I picked you?” Kendall, Victoria’s big, asked as the two engaged in some heavy petting in the privacy of their shared room at the Chi Omega House.

Victoria shook her head nervously and watched as Kendall took her by the hand. It wasn’t the intimacy that was making Victoria nervous. She and Kendall had grown very close since she’d been initiated as a sister and they’d spent many tender moments together over the past year, but there was something different today in Kendall’s demeanor that was putting her in a state of unease.

“Because I knew there was something special about you, something that makes you unique from all the other girls here.”

Special? What did she mean by that? Certainly Kendall didn’t know her secret, did she? It’d been almost a year since she’d pledged and no one had shown any indication of knowing that she was actually an extremely skilled crossdresser. 

A canny smile spread across Kendall’s face. Before Victoria could react, Kendall had slipped a hand under Victoria’s soft lace panties where it found Victoria’s hidden appendage. Victoria gasped in horror. Oh no, what going to happen to her now? She’d been found out! How could Kendall have known? She’d hidden it so well! The only bulges she had were the two perfectly hemi-spherical ones on her chest! She’d attended cheer camp, been to lingerie parties, and even made out with a few boys since high school. No one had caught on that she hadn’t been actually born a girl in years!

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me,” Kendall assured the frightened girl with a wicked grin, as her dexterous digits danced up and down Victoria’s rapidly hardening shaft. “You see, I happen to have a particular liking for girls like you. On the one hand, you are so soft, so delicate, so feminine…so very beautiful. Yet you still retain that which gives you the power to pleasure me like no other girl can. It’s a shame you had to conceal it for so long, and yours is truly magnificent.”

Kendall motioned for Victoria to lean back, allowing her to delicately pull down Victoria’s pink undies. By now, Victoria’s cock was fully erect. It was like opening up a jack-in-the-box. Kendall’s eyes glistened with delight. It was a subtle touch, but Victoria inhaled sharply as Kendall’s playful fingers found the small sensitive spot on the underside of her shaft. Victoria couldn’t remember the last time her cock had been touched like that. She hadn’t dared play with herself since moving into the Chi Omega House, lest the other girls inadvertently discover her dirty secret, and the self-imposed chastity had only heightened her sensitivity to pleasure.

“I bet it feels good not to have to hide it from me anymore, doesn’t it? I can only imagine the way it must’ve ached all the times we made out before; I know my panties sure got moist. Do you want to fuck me, Victoria? I’ll bet you do. Well, let me let you in on a little secret: I want you too. You’re so hot and I’m so horny. I’m tired of all this prudish nonsense, the good girl fa├žade that we have to maintain in this sorority—no boys allowed in the house outside of socials. Well, who needs a boy when I’ve got you. We’re already sleeping in the same room, we might as well start sleeping in the same bed. Do you want to stick your girlie cock inside my tight wet pussy? I want you to. I want you to fuck me senseless, make me scream out your name, and then fill me up with your warm sticky cum. I want you to feel my pussy milking your gorgeous cock, my legs wrapped around your skinny little waist, pushing you deeper inside of me, and my fingers clenching against your skin as you drive me to orgasmic bliss. That’s why I picked you.”

Victoria couldn’t believe the things Kendall was saying. Of course Victoria wanted Kendall, she was beautiful, but the fact that Kendall wanted her back, even knowing what she knew!? It was like a crazy dream, a crazy good dream. Kendall guided a more confident Victoria’s eager limbs over the arch of her back and around to her breast and allowed her to take charge. Kendall could feel Victoria’s hardness pressing up against her ass. It only turned her on even more.


Three hours later, Kendall sighed contentedly as she ran her fingers down through Victoria’s hair. Cum soaked sheets lay tossed aside on the floor. It would probably take multiple cycles to get all the stains out of the bedding. The sheer quantity of each of Victoria’s spunky loads had been very impressive.  

Kendall turned to face Victoria, “You know, between your squeals and my screaming, we’re probably going to need to get a thicker door.”

“Or I could just tie you up and stick a ball gag in your mouth,” Victoria replied slyly.

“Damn, you’re a kinky bitch. But you’re my kinky bitch.”

The girls giggled. It was going to be a great year.


  1. Wow!! This was a "crazy good" caption! I can't imagine Victoria wouldn't love it! The writing was spectacular and so decadent, pushing every singe one of my kinky buttons. Now how do I to live that experience??

    1. Thanks Elise! Now as for your question, could always start by pledging next fall. I'm sure Victoria or I would be more than happy to welcome you into our greek family :P

  2. This is my favorite series you've created... Wonderful choice of images and a truly hot and delicious story...
    more like this, Please!!!

    1. Yay! Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment telling me what you enjoy here on my blog! I will definitely keep this in mind as I consult my muse in the future! If possible, would you be able to pinpoint particular aspects or themes that you really liked about this particular caption set?


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