Monday, April 22, 2013

Springing the Trap

Who's really in charge? Things are not always as they appear!

When I started this caption, I had drawn my inspiration from another photo and it was meant to be a quickie...well, you can guess what happened. I started writing it as a monologue from Mr. Stevens a.k.a. Jake's point of view, but then decided to add in the little bits of thought processing in between and voila! 

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Transcript: “Did you really think that nobody would find out Miss Winther? Or should I say Drew? Dressing up as a woman in order to improve your chances of getting a job here as a secretary?”

Mr. Stevens, or Jake as he preferred to be called, stood towering over me as my cherry coated lips worked his hard cock. My only response was to keep sucking. It was the only way to avoid the public humiliation he had so eloquently threatened me with.

Jake continued, “You thought you were so clever didn’t you, with your fake documents and equally fake silicone breast forms spilling out of that low-cut blouse? You thought you had me fooled didn’t you?”

Funny, he still couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my ‘breasts’ and actually, I did. He only found out about me because I had a ‘slip-up’ and he ‘accidentally’ saw some things that he wasn’t supposed to see, but I’d just as well keep letting him think that he was simply too smart for me. Guys liked that sort of ego stroking, especially if they didn’t know that you were the one doing it.

“I must admit, you do look very pretty and if I didn’t know any better, I might actually mistake you for a real girl, but unfortunately for you, I do, which brings me back to the discussion of our little arrangement.”

If I was pretty drunk, I might’ve actually taken that as a compliment. As it was however, I needed no further confirmation of what he thought of me than the gargantuanly engorged member in my mouth. Very pretty indeed. I was a downright gorgeous sexy babe and both he and I knew it, even if he didn’t want to admit it. There was no hiding the fiery inferno of desire. He wanted me, badly.

“It’s only a matter of bureaucratic paperwork to have you transferred to a position as my personal assistant, a job requiring special talents for which I am finding you extremely qualified.”

Damn right I was. I hadn’t spent all that time practicing on those dildos for nothing.

“Now as long as you keep those lips nice and tight, no one will have to find out about your little escapades. So what do you say? Are we agreed?”

I thought he was never going to ask. I gave my response in nonverbal form, using my tongue to gently flick the underside of his shaft as I took him all the way in. Then suddenly producing a powerful vacuum sealed by my wet lips, I brought him to the edge of glory before letting him back down again. He moaned zealously. I was pretty sure he understood what I meant.

Now it was his turn to be cryptic. I felt him place a hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock down into my throat as I squirmed from the forcefulness of his grip. I had no problem understanding what that meant. Glancing in the direction of one of the many hidden cameras in the room, I knew that his wife wouldn’t either.


  1. Gives a different outlook on the concept of "Slut Empowerment". What I love about this story is that if we simply saw it from the boss, it's simply a sissy cap. But her thoughts show she not only has no problem with what she's become but OWNS it. She's not a simpering bimbo waiting to be porked and corked - she's got a good head on her shoulders that's useful for a few things. . . .
    And the adding bonus of "I KNOW I'm a sexy bitch and you love me" only makes it better.

    1. Hehe, a girl or 'girl' that knows she's a sexy bitch is one of my favorite types of characters.

      I'm glad you liked the addition of her thoughts into the cap! It was a late addition, but looking back at it now, I quite like it as well. I might have to do this a little more often!

      Thank you for your well thought out and analytical comment! I love hearing what readers get out of the caption! :)


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