Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nice Equipment

Transcript: “So what do you think?” Charlie asked, as he tried not to look too embarrassed standing ‘naked’ in front of his partner, Devlin. He wasn’t actually naked or male in appearance at the present, for which he was grateful, all thanks to the state-of-the-art female bodysuit he was wearing. Posing as Devlin’s girlfriend was part of his cover for the mission.

Devin seemed to be even more embarrassed than he was. It had to be unsettling to see a ‘girl’ gorgeous enough to be a Playboy Centerfold, yet know that that ‘girl’ was not only a man in disguise, but also your partner! “Umm…nice piece of equipment,” Devin muttered uncomfortably.

Charlie couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease him a bit, “Piece? So do you like my tits, my ass, or my pussy?” Charlie made a full turn around to give Devin another look, finishing with a coquettish smile, causing Devlin to turn bright red as a small bulge began to form in Devlin’s pants. Charlie just watched in amusement as Devlin attempted to hide his emerging peak. He knew it was mean to tease him so, but it was just too good of a chance to pass up!

“I meant the bodysuit…you know what I mean,” Devin retorted back irritably, then softened his tone, “though you’ll certainly make for a sweet piece of arm candy. Now get dressed, we’re flying out in a half hour.”

“A half hour? The agency should consider themselves lucky I’m not a real woman…otherwise I’d only have been able to pick out which pair of panties to wear in that time! Still, only thirty minutes will still be a challenge…unless of course you’d be willing to help me. What do you say, I’ll pick out the bra, you pick out the panties?”

Devlin groaned in frustration. Charlie just laughed silently to himself. This was going to be a very enjoyable mission.  


  1. I like how quickly the one wearing the bodysuit gets in character and how prematurely getting in character becomes something more like second-nature. Nice work!

    1. Hehe thanks! Creating a good cover means really getting into character! Things ought to get really interesting during the debriefing after this mission :P


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