Thursday, July 24, 2014

In Plain View

Nate has just pulled off the biggest con of his life, but it'll soon be surpassed by his next...

Transcript: It’d taken exquisite skill, bold daring, and sheer luck to pull it off, but Nate had pulled off one of the biggest cons of the twenty first century, double crossed his partners, and walked away with it all, three and a half billion dollars richer. Now it was just a matter of seeing if he would live long enough to spend it. He’d made a lot of enemies in one day. None of them would spare any expense in hunting him down, but you couldn’t catch what you couldn’t find.

While all his enemies were busy scouring the horizon for a man on the run, Nate would be hiding beneath their noses, as a woman. Nate had dabbled with cross dressing in his younger days—an exotic fetish of a particularly kinky ex girlfriend—so he knew from experience that he could make quite the convincing woman. He wouldn’t have the help of a girlfriend this time, but he did have three and a half billion dollars, which was almost just as good.

In preparation for his treachery, Nate had already purchased a number of exotic items, some of which he had already started putting to good use. First, there were the several fine lace-front wigs—a girl had to vary her look after all—that would provide credible illusions until his hair grew out and the mountains of makeup he would undoubtedly become very familiar with before this was all over. Next was an intricately hand-crafted pair of self adhering breast forms, capable of perfectly mimicking the look, feel, and weight of an real woman’s breasts. They were magnificent. Not even a plastic surgeon could’ve crafted a finer shape. But the crowning jewel of the entire fa├žade was the special vaginal panty. Painstakingly sculpted and wholly undetectable, it could make anyone believe that he was a genetic girl. Of course, Nate had also included plenty of dresses, heels, and lingerie too. He’d need them for his new job.

In a couple hours, Nate would be starting at Luiza’s Kitty Cabana as their newest dancer, Trixie. Located right at the heart of the whole fiasco, it was the perfect vantage point from which to follow his own manhunt. His enemies would never think to look under their own noses and even if they did, who would believe the tantalizing vixen barring it all on the stage could be him? Besides, he’d heard about what the other dancers did between curtain calls and he was very much looking forward to joining them for a little girlish fun…


  1. You are starting to really excel at these caper story captions. I suppose it fits considering your continued use of your Spy stories. This one is lighter than many, so it's a quick bit of fun.

    I wonder if she will get a bit too used to dancing for fun before she makes her final move . . and what identity will she take when it's all over?

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy identity fluidity, especially when it involves making yourself appear to be a gorgeous woman!

      I think Trixie will quite enjoy her new life. Perhaps she'll net an equally significant sum as an entertainer!

  2. Hi I'm very new to the this genre of reading and I've found it quite intriguing for several reasons I was curious if we could have a private chat at some point:)

    1. Hi there! I don't chat or IM, but you can email me if you like at I don't check it too often, but I'll try and respond in a timely manner when I can.


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