Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Post Party Play

Consider the whole party foreplay and this the main event...

Transcript: “Mmm, damn Nate, you make such a sexy little minx!” Nate’s girlfriend Sandra cooed with delight as her hands wandered freely over Nate’s recently depilated, silky smooth body.

“You’re just saying that,” Nate gushed, but he certainly did feel sexy. He could still smell the faint aroma of his strawberry and citrus perfume, trapped within the straight silky locks of his long blonde wig, the tug of his ultra-realistic breast forms weighing on his chest, and the hug of exquisite lace around his body.  

“No I mean it,” Sandra reassured him, “not a soul at the party suspected a thing. I even overheard some of the boys whispering that they were going to take some pictures of the ‘hot blonde bombshell in the slinky white dress’ to masturbate to later! And I had to help you fend off the boys all night! Poor Mr. Johnson would be so embarrassed if he ever found out that the pretty girl he was hitting on all night was actually you! Did you see the raging boner he had in his pants?”

Nate gave Sandra a look of disgust for bringing up the memory, “I could feel it remember? Pressing up against my ass when he tried to join us on the dance floor?”

Sandra took a playful tone, “Oh come on, don’t act like you weren’t flattered that he was getting all hard because of you! In fact, all the boys were—the way our bodies intertwined, my curves grinding sweetly into yours, even my panties got a little moist!”

Nate could only gasp as Sandra, who was getting quite aroused herself, began to focus her attention on Nate’s nether regions. “Mmm, is that a bit of precum I feel soiling your dainty white panties? That is, isn’t it!” Sandra declared with satisfaction as she confirmed her suspicions with a taste.

“Well now, we’ll have to clean that right up,” Sandra stated emphatically as she licked her lips, “beginning with the source…”

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