Thursday, July 3, 2014

Office Foolery

Jared's coworkers are about to get an April Fools they won't soon forget...

Transcript: “Hey there cutie, what’s your name?” a man she recognized from the sales department asked her sleazily as she walked past.

“You can call me Jenna,” she replied lightheartedly without missing a beat, the clack of her heels keeping time as she marched confidently through the office. Jenna giggled to herself inside as she watched the poor man scribble it down for later reference, not knowing who she really was. Jenna, as she called herself, was in fact Jared, a longtime employee who usually flew under everyone’s radar. For April Fools however, he’d decided to go to work en femme, as he feminine alter ego Jenna. He was dolled up a little more glamorously than usual, but that was all part of the plan. So far, no one had even come close to recognizing her; they only questions she’d got were about her name, phone number, and if she was free after work for drinks.

All around her, eyes sprung up like dandelions in spring and heads popped over cubicles, very much reminding Jenna of the prairie dogs she saw on the Discovery channel. Jenna didn’t even need to look back to confirm; she could feel the heat of a hundred lustful stares watching her hips swing from side to side, hypnotizing them like a pendulum. Not a man in the office could keep their eyes off her, except for maybe Fred, but he was gay. Even her boss Mr. Johnson, who had stepped out of his office to see what all the fuss was about, was clearly enjoying the one woman parade as she made her way towards her desk. “When’d they hire her?” she heard someone whisper. “Probably as soon as the boss got a load of those tits,” someone else replied. “Or a load on them,” a third voice chimed in.

The world seemed to stop as Jenna sat down at her desk, and the entire office suddenly realized who she was. Not a paper rustled; only the sound of her purse’s zipper could be heard as she put away her personal effects. Behind her, a couple of men were still gaping while the others quickly resumed their business, pretending to not to have ever noticed her. Pockets of giggling could be heard interspersed among the disbelieving whispers as the ladies rubbed it in their colleague’s faces. Jenna just smiled as she began her work. She’d gotten them good. Now it was time to see who was still going to buy her drinks tonight...

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