Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Distraction

Spectre knows just how to keep the target occupied...

Transcript: Spectre took a seat as he let his feet slide into Ms. Lauren Quinn’s size seven deep fuchsia pumps. They were still warm, as was the matching dress, both of which had been recently stripped from the real Ms. Quinn who lay unconscious nearby.

Familiarizing himself with the contents of Ms. Quinn’s purse, Spectre sifted through the clutter until he found her compact. He quickly examined his appearance in the small gold-accented mirror one last time before deeming his physical appearance immaculate. The mask and bodysuit were exquisite, not even the most scrutinizing eye could find fault with his convincing disguise. Combined with his superb acting skills, no one would ever suspect a thing until it was too late.  

Retrieving a small bottle of perfume and lipstick from Ms. Quinn’s purse, Spectre added the last few embellishments to his disguise. A few puffs of Ms. Quinn’s signature spicy scent, enough to be noticed but not enough to be overpowering, and a generous coat of her fun flirty lipstick, Colour Caresse by Loreal in “pink perseverance”, and the illusion was complete.

A few moments later, ‘Lauren Quinn’ walked out of the bathroom of her favorite corner cafĂ© and out the door. ‘She’ walked briskly towards the central plaza where she greeted her long term boyfriend Damien with a kiss, marking him as her own for all the other girls to see with smudges of her recently applied lipstick. ‘Lauren’ was to be joining him on his latest business trip out of country—in actuality a cover for Damien’s intended escape from government authorities. Never would Damien suspect that his ‘girlfriend’ was actually an agent tasked to track him in disguise. Once they arrived at Damien’s safe house, Spectre would call it in, and the rapid response task force would take it from there. Spectre just had to keep Damien occupied until then; lucky for him, the bodysuit had been designed to be anatomically functional and correct. The average response time for the rapid response unit was just under 30 minutes from anywhere in the world. Spectre figured one romp in the bedroom, two at most ought to be long enough… 


  1. Well, I bet Damien wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Spectre and Lauren. A delicious cap as always, Kendall!

  2. Great work! Hope to see more! I would like to have this bodysuit or a celebrity's bodysuit like Emma Watson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Garner or Stana Katic.


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