Friday, June 13, 2014

A Lovely Holiday

Two weeks in Europe, as a woman, with his wife, could his vacation get any better?

Transcript: The soft spring sun bathed Dan, or Danica as she had been called for the past week, in a warm embrace, smiling gently on her recently depilated skin. A mild easterly breeze floated wistfully through a forest of palm trees nearby and the cool lap of water tickled her feet playfully as she sat by the pool’s edge. Danica’s wife Morgan lounged nearby, floating on pool inflatable.

Danica caught Morgan staring at her, “What?”

“Nothing, I just still can’t believe you got your belly button pierced,” Morgan replied as she eyed the new jewelry adorning the midline of Danica’s stomach, “but I have to admit, you do look pretty hot.”

Danica blushed. It had been Morgan’s idea to let Dan become Danica for the duration of their entire vacation. Morgan had known Dan crossdressed, and had always been very supportive of her husband, even helping Danica pick out an outfit from time to time, but this was the first time Dan had ever spent any extended amount of time as Danica around Morgan, but so far, Morgan seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was. In fact, Morgan had found it quite amusing how Danica was dealing with all the male attention thus far.

Gifted with a naturally more slender figure and years of vocal training, Danica was very convincing as a woman with just a little makeup on. Danica’s ultra-realistic breast forms looked also lovely, even in a skimpy string bikini, and gave Danica a nice, natural looking C-cup, which had earned her more than a wolf whistle or two since arriving at the resort. Of course, it was the immaculate smooth flat front that sealed the deal, a nigh unbelievable accomplishment given his size, but he’d picked up a couple of tricks over the years to help him pull it off.

“Damn you look sexy,” Morgan remarked. Danica hadn’t even realized Morgan had been still staring. There were definitely perks to having a wife who identified as bisexual she supposed. “Come here.”

Danica obeyed, sliding into the water as Morgan sat up and drew her into an electric kiss. Danica was glad the pool was relatively vacant as their quick kiss readily veered off road into a passionate embrace.  Strawberry was soon all Danica could taste as Morgan’s flavored lipstick began to paint itself inside of Danica’s mouth.

Danica could feel Morgan’s hands begin to roam through her hair—extensions were a wonderful thing—around her neck, and then across her chest.

“I still can’t get over the fact that these aren’t real,” Morgan commented as she coddled Danica’s breasts, “or the fact that they’re bigger than mine—bitch—but that only makes me want to play with them even more.”

Morgan had Danica’s top off before Danica could even muster a word of protest. Clearly, Morgan had had plenty of practice taking off bikini tops before.

“What are you doing? We’re in public!” Danica whispered loudly to her unconcerned lover.

“Relax, this is Europe. People…are…much…more…liberal…about…these…things…here…” Morgan managed to say between licks, as her mouth had now devoted most of its attention to the area around Danica’s nipples. Morgan paused for a moment and frowned, “I had forgotten you couldn’t feel that. I was wondering why you weren’t too lost in ecstasy to care, but that can be easily fixed.”

Morgan’s hand slid in silkily beneath Danica’s bikini bottoms where if found her tucked-away, not-so-little secret. To a random passerby, it would’ve looked as if Morgan was rubbing Danica’s clit, but the two of them knew better.

“Oh my god,” Danica moaned in one long breath as Morgan discreetly used small circular motions to caress the tip of Danica’s rapidly hardening cock; her bikini wouldn’t be able to contain it for long. Danica decided to get out of the pool before it came to that.

Finding a secluded spot on the pool deck away from prying eyes, Danica let the rest of her bikini fall away as Morgan did the same. They could always claim to be avoiding tan lines should someone stumble upon them. Their bottle of sun tan oil however lay unopened on the grass beside them, but their hands prowled all over each other’s bodies anyways. Danica loved the famished manner in which Morgan was nipping at her lips, but it was the way Morgan smelled that was driving her crazy. She smelled like heaven.

Morgan on the other hand still seemed enthralled by Danica’s breasts and played with them for her own pleasure, but also did well not to forget to lavish attention on her partner’s pleasure spots as well. Morgan was clearly enjoying the way Danica had to muffle her own squeals as not to attract too much attention.

The girls tried to resist, but slowly found themselves succumbing to pleasure, sinking onto the ground, their limbs intertwined and their bodies entangled, as reason gave way to passion once more. Danica’s very long and very hard nine inch cock was soon buried between Morgan’s luxurious ass cheeks and Morgan could feel its tip prodding the arch in her back as she pressed her body into Danica’s in a rhythmic massage. The precum dripping from Danica’s cock had provided sufficient lubrication to allow it to slide freely alongside Morgan’s back.

“Mmm, I can feel how much you want me. I’m all wet too, and not just because of the dip we took in the pool,” Morgan teased. She could feel Danica stiffen even further. She always did know how to push the right combination on Danica’s buttons. “Let’s go somewhere a little more private, where I can really show you how much I love you, all of you.”

The way the last bit just rolled off of Morgan’s tongue sent shivers down Danica’s spine. Morgan could be such a naughty minx when she wanted to. “Back to our room then?”

Morgan looked at Danica with a mischievous glint in her eye, “I bet you won’t even last through the elevator.”

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  1. That was sensory overload in the best way possible. Oh my! This is going on my "Kendall" favorite's list.


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