Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Special Something

You know who you are, but who does he see?

Transcript: I’d spent the last three hours getting ready: makeup, hair extensions, breast forms—the whole nine yards—and it had all led up to this moment. My trembling fingers struggled to hit the right keys on my sister’s phone as I composed a carefully premeditated message to her ex boyfriend Aaron asking him to come over now and that it was urgent. He texted back immediately he was on his way, but instead of my sister, he found me.

 As my female alter ego Bridgette, I’d had a crush on him for years, even before he’d dated my sister. Aaron looked like your typical jock, but he was so much more than another hot body. I’d watched him stand up for a freshman girl getting picked on by some seniors, he’d aced calculus and his name was on Mr. Kouba’s list of “math magicians”, and he had always been so nice to me whenever he came over to visit. I never could figure out why my sister broke up with him.

I’m not sure if Aaron was more surprised to see the naked girl on his ex’s bed or the little cock between that girl’s thighs—all complicated by the fact that he recognized her as me. I could see the recognition in his face as he stared in silence. It was the first time I had ever seen him look unsure.

I made my intent clear as I sashayed across the room, closed the door, and led him gently back to the bed. I knew he could smell my perfume now; I’d made sure to pick a fragrance I knew he liked. Still he said nothing. I hoped he could continue to overlook the little something extra I had between my legs, which by now was completely stiff. His silence continued as I gingerly unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants. Soon I had his half erect cock swimming in my palms, growing harder by the second—something I was very pleased to see. I dropped down to my knees, gave it a few pumps, and then took him between the lips. A few tense moments ensued, my head continuing to bob up and down his thick shaft, before I felt him place a strong hand behind my head and press his cock even deeper into my mouth. I almost gagged as the tip of his magnificent member hit the back of my throat, but I halted the reflex and forced myself to take him all the way in: all seven inches.

Fifteen minutes later, I was licking his warm sticky seed from my hands, lips, and face.

“You know, usually I take the girl out first,” Aaron began, “but I don’t mind doing it the other way I’ll pick you up at seven?”

I nodded and smiled. He’d referred to me as a girl! No further words were required. I knew this was the beginning of something special and I’d make sure that he knew it too. This pair of lips would be the only one he’d need from now on.


  1. There are no words. This is just pure erotic goodness.

  2. "This pair of lips would be the only one he’d need from now on." I absolutely adore this sentence. Makes the whole cap even erotic as it is.


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