Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Trying to Help

What I hope to be a rather humorous take on the classic inadvertent transformation scenario! Also, please note that this is a monologue, just in case you're getting confused and saying "the dialogue doesn't make sense!" (I've definitely done that before :P). On a side note, this is probably one of my more favorite caps that I've made recently, hope you guys enjoy it too!

Transcript: Oh, thank god you’re home, Matt! Listen, you’ve got to help me, it’s me, Jake!

Yeah, I know I don’t look like myself right now, that’s sort of why I need your help. So I was ogling some really weird hot chick at the grocery store today when she caught me and cast some sort of spell to turn me into this!

Of course I know I sound crazy, but it’s really me! She said she hoped that this experience would teach me a lesson and that I would be stuck like this, as a girl, until either a year and a day had passed or until I fucked a guy and let him cum within me!

Now I know that this is asking a lot, but I really need a place to stay until I can figure this all out, you know the frat house would freak, or worse, if they ever found out! I was also hoping you’d let me borrow some of your ex-girlfriend’s stuff as well, my clothes just somehow disappeared on me and being naked is only making having this new body worse!

What do you mean, “It’ll be my pleasure to help you out in every way I can”?

What are you doing? Zip it back up, put it away! Do not—don’t you dare think I’m letting that thing near me! There is no way that thing is going inside of me!

Only trying to help, my ass!

No!! My ass is off limits too!


  1. Really like this one.

    1. Thanks! It's definitely one of my personal favorites as well!


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