Saturday, March 16, 2013

Health and Fitness

This is again, one of those images that just really struck a chord with me as soon as I saw it. I actually had to rewrite the story a bit though as my first version got a bit too long, so I had to cut it off and try again!

Also, I will be trying to add a new label to my caps, "clean", to denote those that are not explicit for those that prefer that style of cap.

Transcript: Although many things had changed since Nicholas had been transformed into Nicola, the one thing that hadn’t was her devotion to health and fitness. In fact, one could even say that being fit had become even more important to her since, though what particular aspects of fitness she focused on certainly had.

Over the past few months, Nicola had intensified her workouts to flatten her tummy, tone her arms and legs, and sculpt her butt. Looking at her butt now, she was happy to see that all the squats she had been doing were really paying off. It was nice and curvy, luscious, but firm, and sure to attract plenty of attention as she walked past. 

There was still some more work to do though, swimsuit season was right around the corner and she had no intention of letting herself look anything but smoking hot in her sexy string bikini. She had some boys to tease after all! And if all went well, she might give them the chance to see just how fit and flexible she really was!

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