Friday, March 8, 2013

Voluntary Employment (For Peta)

Here's a capback for Peta G./Tg Anthro who happens to be quite into shemales/futanari, a genre that I am also quite fond of. Though I usually stay away from anime caps, this picture was in her folder of caps she wished to be caps in so I thought I'd give it ago. My toughest challenge with this caption was actually the length of my story. When I finished writing it, I immediately knew that it was extremely long to be fit into one panel, but I only had one picture to use! Unfortunately, I've had to settle for making the cap rather large, so apologies if it doesn't display well on your screen.

BE WARNED! This is more explicit and devious than most of my other works, so if you don't like shemales/futanari or explicit caps, this is your warning to turn back now! Otherwise, please enjoy this cap as I step outside of my comfort zone a little bit.

Transcript: To say that Peter was unrecognizable these days would have been to make a gross understatement. There was not a single part of his body, including his cock, that hadn’t been altered in some way, shape, or form since the process began. The very fact that he was now almost exclusively referred to as she, her, or Peta was irrefutable evidence of that.

It’d been nearly two years this day since they’d nabbed him for being unable to pay his enormous gambling debt. The next few months following his abduction had been spent in a state of cloudy confusion, blindfolded, sedated, and generally disoriented, though he was vaguely aware of the endless stream of injections and procedures he had been subjected to. Exactly what they were doing to him however, he did not know, but nothing could have prepared him for the shock of finding out. When he’d finally saw himself through unveiled eyes for the first time, he’d nearly screamed until he’d almost fainted. They’d turned him into a girl and given the body of a porn star, well, almost anyways.

She differed from most other girls in one very pronounced way, the enormous cock that still hung between in her legs. In fact, she was sure that it seemed even larger than before and as well as being far more sensitive. The very feel of her tight cotton panties wrapped around her gigantic cock had been more than enough stimulation to send streams of pre-cum dripping down her engorged shaft, soiling her dainty panties in the process. In all other respects though, she was fully female, possessing an exaggerated hourglass figure, burlesque sized breasts, and a face that was permanently formed into the countenance of a horny sex kitten. They’d even somehow managed to alter her voice, making it breathier, melodic, and downright sexy, a perfect representation of her lust crazed emotional state.

Her captors soon put her to work at the Milkpan Club, an exclusive VIP locale that featured the hottest babes in town, with a twist: all of them could be found packing heat between their legs. But save for their enormous cocks, which could often be found lifting up their skirts, all the servers and dancers in the club resembled gorgeous genetic females. Had their cocks not been so prominently on display, a man could’ve easily forgotten that the bewitching women he was surrounded by had once been men. It was here that Peta found her place.

Working as a drink server, she was delighted to service her patrons in any way possible, including producing some very special milk or cream to go along in their drink on demand, but her favorite requests involved a little more hands-on service. She loved it when customers asked her to stroke her cock for their viewing pleasure, or better yet, to play with theirs. She loved taking them deep in her throat, gagging with delight as she used her tongue to deftly engage the underside of their shaft whilst maintaining perfect eye contact. Her fondness for cock also extended to the spreading of her luscious white ass cheeks wide, inviting them to plunge deep within the comfort of her tight little asshole. She longed for the feel and taste of a patron’s warm sticky cum dribbling out of her mouth and dripping down her face and the rest of her body, a representation of the satisfaction she had provided them. The best lovers however also made sure to concern themselves with her pleasure as well, often stroking her off to mutual orgasm as they pounded her from behind, causing her cock to spurt violently into the air as theirs emptied their copious load within the receptive repository of her ass.

Her enthusiastic attitude towards her work has since gotten her voted employee of the month over seven times now, as well as helping her to capture the employee of the year award. She’s also come to be extremely popular among the patrons, so much so in fact that the money she’s earned from tips alone has been enough to pay off her debts, including the cost of the surgeries and treatments. She’s since been set free by her former captors, but nowadays, Peta works at the Milkpan Club of her own accord, choosing to remain as a voluntary employee. After all, when one finally finds a living doing what they love doing, why would they ever leave?

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