Saturday, March 9, 2013

To the Last Man (For XxDarrellxX)

I am on a roll with these capbacks! Like I muse is fickle, but right now she is on fire! As for this cap, Darrell had mentioned in her trading folder about the concept of a "pink bomb" that was a military grade weapon designed to be used as a nonlethal option. Well, this is my take on the idea...I think the helicopter ride back to base for whoever gets sent to rescue this bunch is gonna be the best of his life!

Transcript: It had been a risky mission, Darrell had known that from the start, as had the rest of his team, but they’d all volunteered for it anyway. The high value target, an advanced chemical processing facility which intel had identified as producing the deadly weapon known as “pink gas”, was too invaluable to pass up. He knew his team would fight to the last man to complete the mission, it was their duty, and they would perform it.

Unfortunately, the mission had gone from bad to worse as the team had been lured into a trap and exposed to a highly concentrated dose of the very weapon they had been sent to destroy. Though they had all been transformed into gorgeous ultra feminine women, they were otherwise physically unhurt, and had been able to escape from the facility and take to the treacherous mountain terrain of the surrounding area. From there, they planned to hide and wage a guerrilla war, using their superior training to survive until they could be extracted. Understandably, the command staff had been extremely hesitant to extract a team of women, who looked more like supermodels than soldiers and had no form of identification, out of fear that they might be enemy agents. They would be on their own for awhile.

Nevertheless Darrell couldn’t help but laugh, as the irony of the situation was not lost on him. He and his team had vowed to fight to the last man and they had, literally. He just hoped they would be rescued soon, the makeshift bra he had constructed wasn’t providing enough support and the humidity was doing horrible things to his hair…that and he couldn’t wait to show his appreciation to the first handsome hunk that would come to their rescue!


  1. Great story with the military angle. Reminds me of a Valerie Hope story where an entire military unit is rebuilt as women to fight those who tried to terminating them.

    1. Thanks! I haven't heard of that one, but it sounds quite interesting!


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