Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dare to Hope

A slightly more uncharacteristic cap for me, I usually end these caps on a happy note but for some reason, ending this on her pensive mood just seemed right to me. I suppose I'll let you imagine what happens next. The name of the character was actually inspired by Jane Eyre (a novel I'm reading for a class at the moment) and her pensive mood seems to fit just perfectly.

Transcript: It’d worked! Tom looked out the window anxiously as he awaited the familiar sight of Greg’s dark blue SUV to roll up the driveway. The two them had been good friends ever since grade school and had shared in many of life’s surprises together, but tonight, Tom had a new one for Greg.

Greg was one of the few people in the world that knew about Tom’s gender identity struggle and one of the even fewer that had still accepted him in spite of it. In fact, ever since Tom had told him about his femme side, Jane, Greg offered only support and friendship, but Tom longed for more. Greg was tall, strong, loving, and handsome, so incredibly handsome, but always attracted to the wrong type of girl. Tom didn’t want to be just any girl, Tom wanted Jane to be Greg’s girl, and Jane knew that she could make him happy, but Greg had said that he couldn’t see a future for them together.

A silky cascade of marvelous chestnut hair flowed across her back as she glanced out the window once more. The purple elixir had worked marvelously, peeling back the layers by fully and permanently transforming her into the girl that she had always known was on the inside. She was, by all respects now, a genetic girl, completely natural, no more silicone or latex, one hundred percent female, but she was only still a girl. She hoped that tonight would be the night that she would be made a woman. 

She wondered if her new condition might change things between her and Greg. She hoped it would. Maybe he would be able to see her now for who she really was. Perhaps this could be the start of a wonderful life. Maybe this would be her happily ever after. Maybe, maybe not. Nothing was certain, but she could dare to continue to hope. 

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