Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maggie's Double (For Terri)

And yet another capback! According to her preferences, Terri has got a kink for twin/doubles, so I drummed this one up after much thought and here it is! Hope she likes it!

Transcript: Take a look at these photos, amazing isn’t it?

I have to admit, the resemblance is nigh uncanny. I actually don’t think I can tell who’s who. Have you asked Maggie what she thinks about all this?

Yes, she’s quite open to the idea actually. Her rising popularity as a Hollywood starlet has been taking a toll on her as of late and she sees the benefit of having a double to appear in her place at certain events whenever she wishes.

So I see. Well, I can’t say her answer was unexpected. Now I suppose I should get in contact with the girl in these photos, what did you say her name was again?

Ahem, it’s his name actually, and it’s Martin, though he also goes by Terri when en femme.

You’re shitting me.

I assure you I am not. He usually gets that sort of reaction though, being an extremely convincing female impersonator and all, but beneath the wig, the makeup, and the dress, ‘she’ is in fact a man. Very convincing though isn’t she? I think the breast forms really help to sell the look, the way she conceals those edges you never would’ve guessed ‘she’ had been born without them!

True, but I’m not sure I really know about this anymore, I mean, sure, ‘she’ looks good, but what about her voice and her mannerisms? As minute a detail as her gestures and body language might sound, we’re talking about potentially passing ‘her’ off as the real McCoy at some very public events here! And what if they want her in swim wear? You can’t just make you know what disappear into thin air!

Well as I said, he’s very convincing. He’s very well practiced in feminine deportment and he has a background in dramatic art so picking up on Maggie’s mannerisms should be like second nature to him. All we’ve got to do is just give him the chance! As far as the voice goes, you would’ve believe how believable it sounds, so I’ll let him speak for himself on that one, no pun intended. And as for making things disappearing into thin air, he actually sort of can, it’s called tucking. It’s quite simple really, you just—

Spare me the details! So let me get this straight, what you’re telling me is that this guy would be able to pass himself off as Maggie and no one would suspect a thing?

That’s right. I mean, you’re Maggie’s manager and you didn’t when ‘Maggie’ walked into your office and gave you a kiss this morning did you?


  1. Well, 'disappearing into thin air' may be a slight exaggeration. Perhaps, 'hiding in close-quarters' might better describe this feat?

    Of course, had the manager know what was up with that kiss this morning, he might have been inclined to 'secret' it in another 'out-of-the-way-place'?!

    1. Haha, it sure can look like it disappears into thin air sometimes though! It's amazing sometimes what they can do!


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