Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mile High Punishment (For Peta)

So in poking through Peta's image folder on the Haven while looking for a picture for the capback I wrote for her earlier, another image also really stuck out to me and I knew immediately that I wanted to write a story for it as well. The idea was already in my head and quite frankly, I struggled to keep the length down with this one as well. As mentioned in my previous post, this is a genre I don't do too much, especially using an anime image, but I did quite enjoy writing this one.

Transcript: No one was supposed to find out. It was just a kinky past time that Peter had enjoyed in private, until he’d tasted the thrill of going en femme as Peta in public. Getting hired as a flight attendant had also been a total fluke. He’d only really been interested in trying out the uniform, which they would dress you in for the interview to see how you’d look. Needless to say, Peta looked good, real good. With her makeup and hair done, authentic looking prosthetics cleverly applied, and her not so little cock tucked back between her legs, no one could’ve ever guessed that she hadn’t been born a girl.

Though she hadn’t originally planned on taking the job, she’d found herself unable to turn it down when they’d offered it to her. For one, the uniform was downright sexy, silky black stockings, high black heels, and a well fitted purple blazer and skirt. Then, getting to act out such a traditionally feminine role in front of the hundreds of people on board a plane all while trying to keep her secret safe turned her on something awful! Her biggest fear was that her enormous cock would somehow pry itself loose to poke through her skirt while she was serving a passenger, but the risk of getting found out only served to arouse her even more!

It wasn’t long after she was hired that she also discovered the electrifying flush of flirting with and teasing the pilots, especially the young, hunky, and good looking ones. Within the confined space of the cabin and cockpit, she would intentionally give them long enticing views and make ‘accidental’ contact. It had been exhilarating to see the way she could drive them mad with lust, teasing them within an inch of their capacity, before cruelly denying any further advances. One particular captain however, Brad, whom she particularly enjoyed favored teasing, had finally had enough. Cornering her in a secluded area of the plane, he’d used his large powerful body to physically dominate her. Despite her best efforts, a single stray grope had been all it took to shatter her carefully constructed fa├žade.

Punishment had been swift and severe, though not what Peta had expected. Forcing her to strip down, Brad had been unrestrained in the liberties he took with her. Once he’d satisfied himself though, he’d revealed that he had a very special punishment in mind for Peta. In return for the countless blue balls she’d given them, she would now be subject to the same agony. Ordering her to lie down on her back, her massive cock as erect as a skyscraper, Brad had proceeded to artfully stimulate her with a powerful vibrator, forcing her to remain at the edge of orgasm, but never allowing her to climax. “If you cum, I’ll tell everyone about your big secret” he’d said. She’d really tried hard not to, as much as her balls ached, but she’d been unable to control the steady dribble of cum that eventually gushed out. Her fear from her failure however quickly turned to relief and then dread as Brad detailed his intent, “Oh look at what a mess you’ve made! I will however, grant you reprieve for this occurrence as this is the first time, but do not think you’ve gotten off completely, Peta. Our next flight together will be from Newark to Singapore, almost a nineteen hour flight…just think of all the fun we’ll have!”

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