Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giving All of Herself (for realfield)

Another capback! One of the things in Candy's preferences was the idea of being caught crossdressing with consequences. Being a fan of crossdressing captions myself, I decided that that was the idea I would go with. Candy also has a particular penchant for sissification/transformation by an alpha male figure, so that's what I tried to go with in this cap. It's not as forceful as the previous one I wrote for her (All That Matters), but I hope she likes it all the same!

Transcript: A vibrant pyrotechnic display exploded in Tiffany’s mind as James entered her sissy pussy for the first time. The generous amount of lubricant allowed James’ well endowed organ to slide fluidly in and out of her as smoothly as any other woman.

She loved the way he gripped her ass, possessing her, dominating her, commanding her. His hands felt strong and powerful against her smooth supple skin as he took her forcefully from behind, causing her to scream like a banshee amidst her moans for more. Seven months ago, she would have been screaming for a completely different reason…how far she had come since then…

She had been Steve then, a slender boy with a particular penchant for dressing in his sister, Alexa’s, clothes, when no one else was around. He had actually gotten to be pretty good at it too, being well practiced in hair and makeup, and quite capable of creating a very believable look. The day James, Alexa’s boyfriend, had walked in on him however, he’d not yet had the time to tuck his extra bits away yet. Though extraordinarily convincing in all other aspects, the one unsightly bulge that no girl should have had dispelled the illusion and gave her away.

Though initially terrified at what James might do, her fears were assuaged when he took her tenderly into his arms and assured her that she was very pretty. Her concerns instantly returned however, once James began to loosen his belt and unbutton his pants, causing her to reel back in a mixture of horror and curiosity as his impressive cock sprung out to meet her. There was no question what he was expecting, but how could she bring herself to do it? Sure, she’d fantasized about servicing a man while as a woman before, but they had been exactly that, pure fantasy! She’d tried to refuse him, then bargain with him, and then plead with him, but it was no use. She had no leverage or power with which to negotiate while James had it all. Meekly, she resigned herself to her fate and fulfilled her conqueror’s wishes.

How strange the combination of elation and disgust she felt upon receiving her first filling of cum seemed to her now. These days, she only felt satisfaction at the taste of her master’s cum, for that was what James was to her now. It wasn’t long after that first encounter that James had begun to visit much more frequently, often under the guise of seeing Alexa. Tiffany grew prettier and prettier with each passing week, having started taking hormones, and feminine desires often raced through her mind as a result. Her appetite for James’ cock soon turned into an insatiable craving and it wasn’t long before she was begging for him to take her fully. James had made her wait however, reminding her that it was he who would decide when and where, but that had only made this moment that much sweeter. Though she had already done it months ago, this intimate act was symbolic of her giving herself wholly to him. James owned every part of her now and she was completely content with that. 

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