Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Accidental and the not so Unintentional (For Claudia)

So I've got this long list of capbacks that I owe to some very lovely girls over at Rachel's Haven and I've finally started to get back around to doing them again. This one's for Claudia, I hope she likes it!

Transcript: So much for a relaxing and uneventful few weeks house-sitting a lavish mansion in a beautiful tropical location. Kris was going to have a hard time working his way out of this one. The last thing the business executive had said to him before walking out the door with his young wife was to be careful not to touch anything.

Kris hadn’t meant to touch the peculiar sculpture that had caused the dramatic transformation, but that seemed like an irrelevant detail considering his present situation. The flash of light that had enveloped him following the accidental contact had temporarily blinded him, but he’d known something was very, very wrong when the grumbling voice he’d heard coming out of his mouth was not his own. In fact, it hadn’t even sounded male. More than anything, it sounded like belonging to a vivacious little sex kitten! He discovered shortly after, much to his horror, that he now also had the voluptuous body to match.

Ending up in the executive’s wife’s bedroom and dressed in her sexy lingerie and heels, while also inadvertent, had admittedly been less unintentional. As the transformation had left him without clothes, he’d originally intended on entering her room to find something suitable with which to cover his new body up. Once he’d opened her closet however, he’d become immediately enthralled by the rich world of splendid silk, sensuous satin, and luxurious lace that had lay before him. He knew he shouldn’t, but the seductive allure of her wardrobe had proved too great and he’d eventually given into their calls of luscious indulgence. He was slowly being corrupted by feminine pleasures and enjoying every minute of it. It gave him the chills to think that he’d only but scratched the surface and that he’d have at the very least, few more uninterrupted weeks worth of time to properly savor all of them, beginning with the rather large toy he’d found on her nightstand. Perhaps the executive and his wife could even be persuaded into having a spicier love life once they’d returned…

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