Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Payback's a Bitch (For Evie)

A capback, again! This time for the naughty and deliciously devious Evie!

Originally, the story for this cap was part of another, an offshoot if you will, but once I got to writing it, I quickly realized that it was a story all on its own. It was also at that point that I realized that this kind of story was a very prototypical "Evie" cap. That was when I decided to turn this into a cap for her! From there, my fingers flew across the keyboard and my most difficult and time consuming portion of this cap was once again the design. The story was actually finished on Monday evening, but I just hadn't had the time to put it all together yet. Hope she likes it!

Transcript: Thought it’d be cute to turn your ex-boyfriend into a girl so that he’d disappear? I must admit I was overcome at first, but that handsome well-hung stud, Jared, that you dumped me for and then sent to crush me into the ground, opened my eyes to new possibilities. I bided my time, watched, waited, and learned a new thing or two along the way, including the very magical powers that you used to turn my life upside down. I’m merely returning the favor. 

Ooh, does it mortify you to watch as the spell gradually morphs my body into yours and yours into another? By the time Jared gets back, he won’t even suspect a thing. As you can see, I already have your voluptuous hourglass figure, your perfect hemispherical breasts, and your shapely round ass. My voice is even beginning to sound more like yours too, breathier, sultrier, and simply oozing sex. Mmm, Evie sounds so much nicer than Adam...

But the process isn’t just physical, I’m also gaining access to your mind. Mmm, I can even feel the sensations as your memories flow into me, they’re so vivid it’s almost as if I was actually experiencing them right now. Oh god! Oh my goodness, that was amazing! Please tell me you remember having more wonderful orgasms! Wait, that’s different, oh wow, you are a naughty girl! I never knew that about you…and I guess Jared doesn’t either…Damien and Paolo? And is that Bianca, Damien’s wife, at another point too? Hell, I don’t blame you, she’s gorgeous! 

You were a wicked little temptress weren’t you? Always getting what you wanted, from anyone and everyone? Well guess what, I get to be that manipulative seductress now and after a few more spells, you’ll be reduced my docile little pet. 

Oh, would you look at that, your lingerie fits me like a glove, who would’ve guessed? I am you after all. I have your looks, your memories, and as much as it pains me to admit it, your personality. It’s just too much fun being a Machiavellian bitch, having men to dote on me, women to envy me, and lovers to satisfy me, but that isn’t even the best part. Those months I spent working in the brothel you tried to keep me in provided a unique education on pleasure, of which I was an extremely talented student. So when Jared comes home tonight, I will strip him slowly and make you watch as I fuck him right in front of you, powerless to do anything about it. You’ll be forced to listen as he compliments me on how good my pussy feels, how skilled I am, and how that that was the best fuck of his life. You’ll want to scream and shout, to tell him that I’m not who he thinks I am, that I’m just an imposter, but my spell will have sealed your lips and he will never know. 

Then when I’m through with him, I’ll discard him as you did me, but don’t think that I intend on letting you off that easy. Day after day, night after night, lover after lover, you’ll be forced to watch as I bask in the eternal bliss of orgasmic pleasure, pretending to be you and no one the wiser. And I’ll continue to be you, as long as it holds my interest…which judging from the already massive but still ever growing wardrobe of yours, could be a very, very long time…


  1. I adore this! Even more so now it seems Evie has taken down her blog!

    1. Thank you! I didn't notice it until you commented, but it does appear as if Evie's blog has been taken offline :( I hope she comes back soon!


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