Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Bitch in Apartment 309

I've been wanting to do another impersonation with a bodysuit cap for quite some time and when I saw the picture in the first panel below, I had an idea. It took me longer to write than I thought and once I finished I realized that I would need to split it up into multiple panels, which proved slightly troublesome as I had to find some more high resolution pictures that could possibly go well with the first. Unfortunately, being that these are all promotional photos of the lovely and gorgeous supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, I could not find a series of pictures and instead had to go with multiple separate ones, each with their own distinct feel and setting. Hopefully though, this doesn't take away too much from the overall flow and cohesiveness of the story. Let me know what you guys think!

Transcript: When I first moved in to the apartment across from unit 309, I was immediately smitten by the beautiful, brown-haired enchantress that lived in there. She was downright gorgeous. From her long sleek legs to her silky voluminous hair, every square inch of her body was perfect. She had smooth tanned skin, a perfect hourglass figure, and the most seductive pair of dark brown bedroom eyes that you had ever seen. Unfortunately, she was also, to put it bluntly, a bitch.

Over time, I’d noticed that while she never paid attention to a normal guy like me, her apartment frequently saw the comings and goings of affluent gentlemen: doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, and the like. They were always well dressed and lavished her splendidly with gifts, which never failed to please her. It seemed like getting her attention was only a matter of wealth and power.

As the weeks wore on however, I slowly began to realize that in spite of how much I wanted to be with her, my true desire was to be her. Although I detested the way she ignored me, I also admired her self-absorbed and manipulative air. I loved the way she strung each suitor along, making them feel special and completely wrapping them around her little finger, sucking them dry before casting them aside once they’d served her purpose. She was the epitome of feminine guile, charm, and beauty. She was everything I wasn’t, but wanted to be.

In my mind, I started to formulate a plan. I began to watch, observe and then tediously practice, imitating her graceful actions, her sensual motions, and her provocative gestures. I also took the time to carefully study the subtle inflections and intonations of her deep, sultry voice, and mimic them as best I could. All the while, every spare moment was devoted to the creation and design of the mask and the bodysuit that I would ultimately use to impersonate her, each created from and compared to the hundreds of photos that I had taken for immaculate authenticity. No detail had been overlooked, every square inch painstakingly examined for accuracy. The first time I donned the completed mask and bodysuit, I knew that I was ready. I could’ve easily passed for her identical twin, even under the most discriminating eye, but I did not want to be her twin, I wanted to be her. That left only one thing left to do.

Surprisingly, sneaking into her apartment and subduing her proved to be relatively simple. Once the dirty work had been done, I slipped into my new role of her life as with ease, as seamlessly as the vanishing edges of my mask disappeared. The only little hiccup I had was in having to periodically stop and discreetly adjust the crotch of the suit then entire first day, to ensure that everything was still secure. I didn’t want anything to be making any unexpected appearances, lest my new friends discover how much better equipped I was than them! But my fears soon proved to be trivial. The suit disguised my true sex and identity marvelously and not one person suspected a thing. In fact, I was even complimented on my skillful lovemaking, with one lover declaring that I was the best he’d ever had and that I had truly blown him away.

His approval pleased more than that he would ever know. I adored being desired, to see and to feel the hardness of their cocks and know that I was the cause, excited me more than anything. I yearned for the lustful stares of men and how quickly they would fall to my feet for only a chance to make love to me. How they continued to attempt to fulfill my every whim and shower me with luxurious gifts, even though they only received blue balls in return. Oh how I loved to tease them, to gently bring them to the brink of pleasure before violently denying them release. How frustrated they became as I continued to grind on them, satisfying myself, but refusing to let them within. They could’ve overpowered me, taken me, and ravished me a primal passion, but instead they begged at my feet for relief. I had them so wrapped up around my pretty little finger that they would’ve done anything for me.

In no time at all, I had become a sexier, meaner, and bigger bitch than my neighbor ever had been. I was now the naughty, teasing, and manipulative bitch in apartment 309 and I loved it!


  1. Great series Kendall! I think using the photos from different sets actually works well. It emphasizes that this isn't a one night thing... that this takes place over time.

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! I hadn't thought of that, but I'm glad the photos from the different sets worked well for you!

  2. Another wonderful Replacing Her vignette. I wish there had been a scene wherein the Impostor could taunt the Original -- both as to his/her actual gender and to how indistinguishable they now were.

    To me there's something deliciously EVIL for a beautiful, successful woman with a career or a comfortable life (even if only plying her looks) to have that identity so easily stolen -- and by an otherwise average-looking man at that.

    But I thank you for creating yet another enjoyable tale. Can't beat bodysuit stories -- they really add a whole new irony to the phrase "beauty is only skin deep". — EvaGrubbFan

    1. Hmm...I'll have to include a scene like that in the next one I make then! Just for you :) Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback with me! I appreciate it!


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