Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Definitely a Keeper

Trial by fire: Marie may have just found the one...

A six part caption. Click "read more" to read the rest!

Transcript: Sitting on the couch, legs spread wide with the lights on, and one lustful hand wrapped around her date Brent’s thick, hard, shaft, Marie knew that he could see her other hand stroking her own, much more modestly sized girlie cock. So far however, Brent had still made no mention of it.

It had been a huge risk to let Brent see what she’d been hiding inside her panties all night, but the moment had felt right, so when Brent’s hands had found the zipper on the back of her slinky little black dress, she’d let him slide it over her hips, down her legs, and onto the floor. Though the initial reveal was obviously shocking, Marie had hoped that he’d be able to overlook her little accessory and allow her pleasure him to the best of her womanly ability anyways. Marie figured it was probably safe to say that her wishes had come true, since Brent was still here and most certainly enjoying himself, his throbbing cock pulsating against her soft, delicate hand with each heart beat.

Up to this point though, Brent had mostly pretended as if her little girlie cock didn’t exist, his eyes never skirting below an imaginary line around waist as he watched her play with his aroused member. Stroking it up and down and playing an elaborate melody across his lengthy shaft, Marie worked his cock just as any girl making love to a man would. Of course, Marie did it much better than any other girl, thanks to her firsthand experience. She knew exactly how to rub the genie in the bottle to delight him in ways that no harem, however large or beautiful, could ever hope to achieve. Marie’s initial insecurities had all but been drowned out by Brent’s satisfactory groans and enthusiastic encouragements—the streams of his delicious precum staining her fingers were a sweet affirmation as well.

A large sleek bottle of water based lubricant sat within easy reach on the stylish glass table nearby. Marie had placed it there should Brent decide to take her cute little ass, which she really hoped he would, but it had to be his decision. If not, she would be content to swallow his load and feel his warm wet stickiness drip down her throat.

Still, a rush of elation shot through her heart as Brent revealed his intentions; Marie would get her wish. Marie tried not to let her giddiness show as her quivering hands basted Brent’s cock with a generous amount of the cool viscous gel in preparation. Her hands worked their way up and down Brent’s thick shaft in a corkscrew fashion as she rubbed it in, making the same sinful shlupping sounds that had characterized the wet slobbery blowjob she’d given him earlier. Just thinking about it made her want to feast on his cock once more, but there would be a time for that again later. Squirting a large handful from the bottle into a cupped hand, Marie applied a copious amount of lube in and around her behind until her hand slid as easily as butter on a pan between her firm, round ass cheeks.

A brief moment of hesitation came and passed as Marie felt just how big Brent was, before slowly lowering herself onto him, guiding his cock with her hand inside of her. Just the tip at first, stretching her tight little hole open, but then the shaft too, inch by inch, until she could feel his balls pushing up against her. Marie screamed. Brent was so large that she thought he might split her open! Not even her XXL dildos were this big!

Brent allowed her to take it slow at first, letting her set the pace as she rocked back and forth atop him, riding him first at a trot, then to a canter, and then at a full gallop, as she fully took advantage of the power and potential of the thoroughbred stallion beneath her. Marie’s hard girlie cock bounced in perfect rhythm with her entire being and soon, Marie could feel Brent thrusting back up to meet her—lightly at first, but then harder and harder until he was pounding her faster than a jackhammer. His large strong hands each grasped one half of her oh-so-squeezable behind, groping and caressing, but equally ready to give her the occasional spank. Naughty girls deserved to be spanked after all. Her feverish moans reverberated loudly throughout the otherwise silent room; words were not necessary. Brent understood and drove into her more vigorously than before, alternating between fast and slow, deep and hard, unpredictably mixing in several shallow tender advances before impaling her with full force.

Marie gave herself completely to him, allowing Brent to flip her over and take her from behind. He was fucking her so good and hard, she would’ve let him take her anyway he wanted as long as he didn’t stop. She had nearly came thrice already, and all without having ever touched her own girlie cock since Brent had first entered her. On all fours, Marie arched her back and wiggled her pretty little ass in the air as she invited Brent to plunge deep inside her welcoming flesh once more. She screamed as she felt him accept, his thick hunk of man meat sliding even further inside of her than it had ever penetrated before. Any deeper and he would’ve gone inside her stomach! Marie felt a slight tug as Brent gripped her long lustrous chestnut hair like reigns. Her perfectly manicured nails dug urgently into the cushions, leaving deep impressions, whilst her tummy was turning red from the furious slapping of her hyper-aroused girlie cock with each thrust. Brent pounded her ass until it was raw and sore and then some, but she was loving every second of it.

Several minutes later, Marie felt the rhythm change as Brent’s thighs began to tense. She knew it was coming even before he did. “Cum inside me baby. I want you to cum inside my ass,” she pleaded.

Brent groaned and sprinted down the final stretch with renewed vigor. Suddenly, Brent did something Marie had never expected. He grabbed her cock, hard, and began to stroke it, faster and faster as he also increased pace. The pleasure and shock were so great, Marie could only gasp and squeal as the anticipation built.

Then it happened. Brent exploded inside her, his hot load shooting out from his throbbing cock, and seconds later, so did she. The sensation of his warm sticky seed spewing out deep inside her had sent her over the edge, her girlie cock making its own mess all over the couch, Brent’s hand, and even herself! The pleasure of him stroking her to climax was so unexpected but oh so great that it had caused her to cum hard enough to give herself a facial! Marie’s ass was still milking Brent’s cock for every last drop as the two both collapsed onto the couch, utterly exhausted, but in a state of otherworldly bliss.

After a few moments respite, Marie happily made herself useful and cleaned Brent up, licking up and swallowing every last drop of cum, then laid back down next to him as they cuddled on the couch. Marie watched contentedly his eyes gently drifted shut, his strong arms still around her. There was a spring of joy within her. She’d never felt this way about a man before and as she nestled herself against his chest and joined him in slumber, Marie knew beyond a doubt that Brent was definitely a keeper. 


  1. Grade A quality erotica. A steamy fantasy that lets you join in for the lovely right.

  2. I don't know what else to say about this other than: simply perfect!!


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