Monday, July 28, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Getting in trouble might be more fun than they thought...

Transcript: Thwack!

“Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Becky whimpered to the domineering Amazon delivering her punishment, while her compatriots looked on with trepidation; they would be next. A statuesque, ice cold blonde, Headmistress Frisoli would’ve been described as bewitching had she not been so intimidating.

“There is to be absolutely no cock sucking or fondling of the other ‘girls’ in this school, especially on the cheer squad! What do you suppose would’ve happened if the football team had walked in on you ‘girls’ instead of me? Their meetings are scheduled shortly after yours in the gym!”

The girls all stared sheepishly at the floor. Now probably wasn’t a good time to tell Headmistress Frisoli that that was exactly what they had been hoping for.

“You ‘girls’, in your short skirts and tight tops are supposed to be models of femininity—every teenage boy’s wet dream! Now tell me, where does playing with each other’s cocks appear in that fantasy? Consider yourselves lucky, the next time I catch you girls sucking each other off I’ll lock your precious little cocks up for a week. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the girls replied in unison.

“Good. Now lock the door,” Headmistress Frisoli ordered as she closed the blinds, hiked up her skirt, and pulled aside her panties to reveal a magnificent nine inch member of her own, “and show me what you girls have learned.”

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