Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Some Payback

Just in case there's much confusion about this cap, allow me to clarify it here. The majority of it is an internal monologue, only the first and last lines (note the different fonts) are spoken out loud by the character. 

Transcript: “Ooh yeah, fuck that pussy real good. Stretch that tight wet pussy with your big hard cock!” 

Feels good doesn’t it? I can see that you don’t suspect a thing. It’s amazing how real they can make something look and feel these days isn’t it? Who would believe that my appearance was all just a ruse, created by an exceptionally life-like bodysuit? Certainly not your bitchy new girlfriend, who dumped me for you, and should be along any minute now to catch us in the act. Oh what a surprise it’ll be, and undoubtedly not a pleasant one. It’ll be payback to you for stealing my girlfriend and to her for leaving me. Catching you fucking another girl after you’ve canceled a date with her to ‘study’ for an important test is not going to sit well with her, oh no. 

You know the risk you’re taking by fucking me like this, right here, right now, but you still can’t resist now can you? I knew you couldn’t. When I approached you in the hallway yesterday and asked if you could help me with my French homework, I saw the look in your eye and I knew then that I had you. Then, when I showed up at your house this afternoon, all dressed up in my pretty little schoolgirl uniform, the smile on my face was genuine, but not because I was happy to see you as I’d said, but because I’d noticed the way you were shifting uncomfortably, in an effort to hide the growing bulge in your pants. And I provided no respite, playing the part of the classic tease, appearing demure and innocent, but cunningly seizing every opportunity for seduction. To your credit, you had conducted yourself well, and it was only after I’d ‘accidentally’ fallen into your lap, letting you feel the enticing nature of my flesh, and stroked your ego a bit, among other things, that you’d finally succumbed, but all she’ll see is that you did.

Oh, I do believe that was the sound of her car and the front door opening. Time for the closing act: a screaming orgasm as she walks in on us. She’ll be twice as infuriated then. Not only will she be outraged by the fact that you’re cheating on her, but also extremely resentful of the fact that you’ve never made her climax like this before either. Little does she know just how much I’m faking it, or he, what a convincing little actress I can be. Here she comes, “Oh yeah, fuck me harder! Shit that feels so good! Make me cum, baby, I’m almost there! That’s the spot, that’s the spot, oh my god! Yeeesssss!”

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