Saturday, March 9, 2013

Short for Veronica (For RMP42661)

Another capback that I owed at the Haven. This was surprisingly quick and easy to write. She mentioned that she particularly liked it when the victim of the transformation was still dressed in their male clothes, so this is what I came up with! It's somewhat ironic, but this is probably one of my shorter caps (of this recent string). Hope ya'll like it!

Transcript: Great, how was Ron ever going to explain how he’d gotten into this mess? His big presentation was only a few hours away and everyone, his boss, his colleagues, and the customers, were all expecting Dr. Ron Boettcher to make the pitch. 

Only except Dr. Ron Boettcher’s body had been stolen from him and was somewhere out there wandering the streets of Chicago, whilst his mind was trapped within the form of a foxy young redhead. He should’ve known better than to trust her when she’d first approached him in the hotel bar, after all, what could a young attractive girl really have to want from a middle aged man like him? But she’d been so warm towards him and she was so very pretty, so when she suggested that he take her up to see his room, he hadn’t even given it a second thought. 

Once behind closed doors however, her demeanor suddenly changed as she swiftly injected him with some sort of immobilizing agent. The last thing that he remembered before she knocked him out was the sneer on her face and her taunting voice, revealing that she had been hired by a rival company to ensure that he would not be making the presentation. 

When he came to, he was surprised to still be in his hotel room. He had been almost certain that the girl had intended to kill him. When he discovered just what she had done to him however, he almost wished that she had. He was now in her body, how was he going to give the presentation now? In desperation, he’d even attempted to put on one of his shirts and a tie to see if he might still be able to somehow pull it off, but his new figure was clearly not intended to be hidden behind a shirt. There was no mistaking that he was a girl. If he wanted to retain any semblance of professionalism, he would have to find some new clothes. That meant getting a blouse, a jacket, a skirt, pantyhose, and heels, the whole nine yards. He was not looking forward to it, but what other option did he have left? Maybe he could convince his audience that “Ron” was a nickname, short for Dr. Veronica Boettcher…

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