Saturday, June 21, 2014

Party of Their Own

Parties are more fun when there's a surprise involved...

Transcript: Carla moaned softly, careful not to let the other girls hear as her fingers pulled her pink panties aside and found her eagerly stiffening girlie cock below. It nearly sprung out from beneath its deceptively dainty prison, the insides of which were already stained from a steady flow of precum. She’d snuck off from the party to find a secluded room where she intended to relieve some of the unbearable tension.
Carla closed her eyes and immediately envisioned Nikki, another girl at the lingerie party, as she began to gently stroke her cock. Nikki looked so damn sexy in her sheer cherry corset, and the way she walked around in those heels, ass in the air swaying from side to side was like honey to bees; she was the one responsible for the stretched fibers in Carla’s panties. Carla could see Nikki’s long pantyhose clad legs, luscious platinum blonde hair, and seductive cleavage, which the corset had amplified until you could hardly even glance at Nikki without staring at them.
“Having fun?” a bold sultry voice inquired from behind.
Carla yelped then quickly covered her mouth. Nikki stood just inside the doorway, even more gorgeous than Carla remembered. Carla attempted in vain to tuck her cock back away, but at an impressive eight inches, it refused to be removed from its podium. Carla could only stand frozen as Nikki circled her like a cat, her eyes a mix of fire and ice. She appeared far less shocked than Carla had expected her to be.
Nikki finally stopped in front of Carla, “You had your eyes closed. Who were you thinking about?”
“No one,” Carla tried to lie, but Nikki’s intensified stare coaxed out the truth, “I’m sorry…I couldn’t help myself…it was…I was thinking about…you,” Carla finally admitted.
A sparkle of interest glittered in Nikki’s eyes, “Really? You were thinking of me as you jerked yourself off? Were you fucking me in my pussy…or just rubbing your cock all over me?”
At that, Nikki raised a pantyhose-clad, soft, creamy thigh to rub against the sensitive underside of Carla’s on-the-verge-of-exploding cock, causing Carla to gasp and moan. The pleasure was so intense that it nearly caused Carla to double over, amusing Nikki greatly.
“Ooh, I am so glad I caught you playing with yourself Carla. It would’ve been such a shame to let you fantasize about me all alone, especially when I’m right here. I’ve got a quiet bedroom upstairs that we can use. I’m sure the other girls won’t miss us if we slip away for a little while, but I’m afraid none of my boyfriend’s condoms will fit you. I hope you don’t mind.”
Carla couldn’t even find the breath between squeals to answer. The way Nikki’s nimble fingers were making love to her throbbing cock was like no other passion that she’d ever experienced before.
“Oh I’m so wet,” Nikki moaned, “I can’t wait to feel your big girlie cock slide inside of me and split me open! I am going to fuck you so good and milk your cock so hard that you won’t be able to shoot another load for days. Now come here you naughty girl, and let me help you deal with that dirty little secret you’ve been hiding for so long. By the time I’m through with you, you won’t have any trouble fitting that back in your panties!”

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  1. And I am sure Carla wouldn't mind it all. Lovely cap, Kendall.


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