Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Damsel in Distress

Transcript: Special Agent Broderick scowled as he directed the cleanup of his floundering operation. Intelligence had been wrong, again, and the ever elusive Phantom had once again escaped. His sources had been confident that the Phantom had been in that hotel room, but the only person in it had been an a young lady, who as it turned out, happened to be of no help at all as she was a Russian national and didn’t speak a word of English. They’d released her once they had some semblance of a witness report, but the document was really only out of formality; she had seen nothing and provided no useful information. Broderick kicked a nearby can angrily as he growled in frustration, causing many of his subordinates to take extra efforts to remove themselves from his path. This was definitely not his day…

Meanwhile, several blocks from the police station, an attractive young blonde sauntered down the street, her dark colored pumps producing a hypnotizing rhythm. Though her face hid it well, inside, she was overflowing with excitement. As hastily as it had been thrown together, she couldn’t have come up with a better disguise if she tried. No one had suspected that the frightened screaming girl in the room was really a man, or that that man was really the Phantom. 

Playing the part of a beautiful damsel in distress had only been too easy. No one had questioned her feigned fragility. There had not been a man in the room that hadn’t fallen under the spell of her long shapely legs, luxurious curves, or soft doe-eyed expression. The potent female pheromones in her ambrosial perfume had been a nice extra touch, a biochemical guarantee of her seductive success. Many an agent had offered their assistance in any way possible and she had only been too happy to oblige. Little did they know that they had literally let their prey walk out of their trap…  


  1. Nice one! Really like it when the character gets his way using disguises.

    1. Thanks Ivy! Disguises are a favorite theme of mine, so I hope to be doing more in the future!


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