Monday, April 15, 2013

Pageant Stand In

Transcript: Holding his sister’s things, Alex waited patiently backstage at the pageant for his sister and their mother to arrive. If they didn’t get here soon though…his phone suddenly rang, it was his sister. Apparently, they had been caught in a bad traffic jam and would be unable to make it in time for the first portion of the competition.

She sounded extremely distraught as she begged him to stand in for her until she could get there. Being her twin, he was the right age, but more importantly, he was also of the right height, weight and build. With enough makeup on, he might just be able to fool everyone that he was the right sex as well. He already had her stuff, which included her makeup kit, and the first part was all smoke and mirrors anyway, so he wouldn’t have to look that good, just good enough to get by. Both she and his mother promised to make it up to him. With a sigh, Alex conceded.

As soon as he’d hung up, Alex went straight to work. Little did his mother and sister know just how many times he’d done this before. Finding a private area, Alex began the necessary preparations, starting with the clever use of makeup to create both a feminine looking face that resembled his sister’s, as well as the amount of cleavage that would be appropriate for a girl his age. Some additional padding filled out the illusion and he turned his attention next to his hair. Although his sister had meant to use the extensions to add volume, he would be using them to add length. It took a little more work, but after some styling, he was happy with what seemed to be a rather natural look. Then, slipping into his sister’s elegant evening gown with practiced ease, he applied a few puffs of her favorite perfume before taking her place in the long line of contestants backstage for the opening number.

When he returned backstage twenty minutes later, he found he had one new voice message from his sister: the traffic jam was worse than expected and they didn’t know when they’d be able to get there, followed by a slew of apologies. Alex didn’t bother to listen to the rest of the message. He merely shrugged as he fished out his sister’s bikini from among her things, the swimsuit portion was up next… 


  1. what kind of software do you use to make your caps?

    1. I personally use Photoshop. I used to use it for more serious photomanipulations and works of art, but these days I tend to use it mostly for retouching photos and caption making :)


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