Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reason to Run

Just a fun bodysuit idea I had upon seeing the picture used in this cap! As turned out somewhat longer than originally intended.

Transcript: “Okay, I’m all zipped into the bodysuit now.” Kevin confirmed as Brian watched attentively. “How do I look?” Kevin asked as struck a playful pose and awaited his friend’s appraisal.

Brian’s sigh said it all, “Damn. You look incredible. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were one hell of a babe. I mean, I knew you said that you could hook me up with a drop dead gorgeous stunner, but you are something else!”

“Stop it, you’re making me blush!”

“No I mean it! You look beautiful.” Brian paused for a moment as he eyed his unrecognizable friend once more from head to toe. “Thanks so much for offering to help me get back at my ex. She is going to absolutely flip when she sees you with me tonight. Incidentally, what should I call you? Kevin seems like a name hardly befitting a lady like you.”

It took Kevin only a second before he replied, “Sasha, you can call me Sasha, though I think your ex will call me by a very different series of names by the end of this evening: bitch, slut, and whore likely to be among them.”

Brian laughed at his friend’s sense of humor, “Very well then, Sasha. Ready?”

“Almost!” Sasha shouted as she dashed as fast as she possibly could in four inch heels, disappearing down the hallway. She returned a few minutes later with a pair of flats and a handful of condoms, eliciting a nervous gaze from Brian. “Don’t you get any dumb ideas now, this bodysuit might be fully functional, but that’s not what these are for! You ain’t getting any of this, not tonight!”

“How about tomorrow morning then?”

“Very funny, but no. These are for riling up your ex. How do you think she’d react if I accidentally let her see all these condoms, then feigning embarrassment, quickly reassured her that I didn’t plan on using all of them tonight? Or I could simply ask her which, in her experience, fit you the best. That’s why I’m also packing flats…I’ll probably be doing a lot of running after that!”

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