Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Becoming His Dirty Secret

"It’d happened at an out of town costume party. Greg had decided to masquerade as his female alter ego Jana. He’d thought it would be safe."

Transcript: It’d happened at an out of town costume party. Greg had decided to masquerade as his female alter ego Jana. He’d thought it would be safe. He’d been secretly crossdressing ever since the age of eight and now, still slender in frame at the age of 23, he’d gotten to be quite good at it.

He knew how to hide the hair on his legs with pantyhose and how to use padding and shapewear to create the illusion of an intoxicating female figure. He’d mastered the arts of hair and makeup and even voice and deportment. The cherry on top was the pristine tuck job he had come to be so good at, effectively eliminating any possible incriminating evidence. Had he chosen to wear a tighter fitting garment that evening, the only attention he would’ve received would have been from the lustful eyes of the men around him, eager to see what lay hidden underneath. If only they knew.

Yet despite being as convincing as he was and in a place that he was sure no one would recognize him, he’d still managed to read. The mysterious stranger, still known only to him as Richard, had approached Jana at the eleventh hour of the night. Tall, dark, and handsome, Jana had been more than happy to allow herself to be admired by such a man, but Richard’s magnetizing presence also inspired a sense of unease. Although she had to reason to suspect it, she was almost certain that he knew her secret.

It was only as the evening ended that her fears were confirmed. He knew. But what he whispered next surprised her. He would keep her secret, if she would become his.

The outfit Richard had requested she wear tonight had been extremely specific. Perhaps he had a thing for carrot topped French maids. Waiting on the stairs at the location she had been given, Jana wasn’t sure what to expect. Her seated poise drew the attention of a variety of onlookers, none of whom seemed to be aware of who she really was.

Suddenly, the tap of a distinctive rhythmic gait caught her attention. Looking up, her eyes saw whom they expected to see, Richard. Allowing herself to be let up, Jana accepted Richard’s arm as they strolled down the walk. What would their evening hold she wondered? Only time would tell. 


  1. It's a crime you don't get more comments. This is just wonderful writing. I love every word of it and adored the choice in image. It's a fantastic erotica beginning that makes me want to know what he has in store for his new toy. . .

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words! As for what he has in store...well, why don't we tag along with them and take a peek? :P

  2. I agree with all of what Simone says above. Maybe readers are just too enthralled to be able to concentrate enough to write and leave comments? Anyway, great piece of work. It's a great leave-it-to-the-imagination piece but could also inspire a great sequel. I think I'll read it again now.

    1. Thank you! I think part of what may turn people off from leaving comments is that they have to think about what they want to say and type it out. It takes mental energy and it's a lot easier just to browse! I've actually never done a sequel before, but considering that both you and Simone thought it might be interesting, I'll take this one into consideration :)


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