Friday, June 14, 2013

Fringe Benefits

Transcript: Spectre could get used to this. It was barely noon, he had barely lifted a finger, was currently soaking up the summer sun, and he had already achieved almost half of his mission objectives. Meet and gain the confidence of Mario Valencia, an influential underworld figure, check. Board his secure private yacht, check. Remain undetected, check.

Spectre knew that it was all thanks to his latest disguise. He was currently posing as Rachel Novelli, an absolute bombshell bikini babe that also happened to be the free-spirited daughter of a fairly wealthy businessman. It hadn’t been hard attracting Mario Valenica’s attention. That wasn’t to say that he hadn’t done any work though. Struggling to fit himself into the restrictive mask and bodysuit had been work enough. Sure, it had made him look gorgeous and gave him the figure of a goddess, but it also had to squeeze down on some areas pretty hard to achieve that effect. The crotch surprisingly, was more comfortable than expected; it sure beat the hell out of duct tape and superglue and it was just as effective!

The rest had been admittedly light. Intelligence had already given him the dossier on Valencia, so he knew which hotel Valencia was staying at and what his activity patterns were. Spectre also knew that Valencia frequented the hotel pool and that he often invited women aboard his yacht to spend the day…and sometimes the night. All that had been left to do was to put out the honey and wait for the fly. It hadn’t taken long.

Now, Spectre found himself lounging on a luxury yacht, cruising welcoming tropical waters, being waited on hand and foot by the yacht’s staff, and with nothing to do except to drive Valenica mad with a potent combination of teasing and denial. His next objective required access to Valencia’s private quarters and the cover of darkness would be preferred to cover his escape. As such, Spectre would have to provoke enough interest as Rachel to be invited to spend the night, hardly a challenge given the way Valencia was already eyeing ‘her’ lascivious curves. Since achieving his primary objective was only a waiting game now, Spectre decided to entertain himself by working towards a bonus objective: how blue could ‘Rachel’ make Valencia’s balls? Since she had at least several hours until nightfall, she hoped that she could make them at least as blue as the waters around them. 


  1. What a beautifully evil woman Spectre has become! Loved the "blue balls" idea!!

    1. Thanks! Tease and denial is a favorite but often underused theme of mine, so I try to throw it in whenever I can.


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