Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Candy (for realfield)

I knew from the moment that I saw this image, which was admittedly a long while back, that I would use it as a capback for realfield. The way she's looking up at him, her arched back, her position on all fours, it just screamed submission, the type of cap that realfield usually enjoys. Hopefully realfield will like this one!

Transcript: James couldn’t have planned the result any better. Few would believe that the servile bimbo writhing in front of him had once been Carl Jenkins, former Associate Vice President of Gasser Corp. and an ambitious young man who had gotten too aggressive for his own good. Not that he would blame them for failing to recognize Carl, with her marble skin, gorgeous features, and goddess-like figure, Candy, as he had come to nickname her, looked nothing like the man she had once been. No man, after all, had beautiful breasts as she did, or luscious cock sucking lips as she did, or a sweet juicy pussy as she did. Dr. Merkberg had really outdone himself this time. The facial reconstruction, tracheal shave, electrolysis, implants, final surgery and a few other highly experimental but effective procedures had all been his handiwork. The double doses of female hormones had been his idea too.

James was extremely pleased with how Candy had turned out. Dr. Merkberg had done such a good job that even her tight pussy felt indistinguishable from that of a real woman’s. Dr. Merkberg would be receiving an exceptionally generous bonus from him very soon.

“What have you got say for yourself now, Carl, or should I call you Candy? You look as sweet and feel as delicious as a piece now.”

Candy’s resigned whimpers and encouraging moans were indistinguishable from one another as James continued to fuck her newly constructed pussy, “Please Mr. Slade, call me whatever you like, but please don’t stop fucking me. I need to have your big fat cock shoved between my legs, please Mr. Slade!”

“Oh, you got it slut,” James answered as he intensified the pace. He would fuck this bitch over and over again until she could barely walk straight. Then, after he’d had his fun with her, he’d bring her with him to the office to service the other executives, ingeniously letting her serve as a reminder of what would happen to anyone who tried to cross James Slade. 


  1. the picture is is the text. Loved it.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you loved it! That's the most important thing!

  2. She's been made and she has been branded. Hot, nasty slut. You made this one melt off the screen.

    1. Thanks Mistress! I'm glad you enjoyed this one too!


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