Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bikini Season (for Simone)

Pool time isn't just for tanning...

Despite my busy schedule this week, I really, really wanted to make this caption for Simone. I'd had the idea in my head for a couple of days, but finally penned it out last night. The hardest part of making this caption was actually finding the right picture. I've noticed that Simone has a tendency to favor powerful sultry brunettes, but I couldn't find a picture to work with that had all the elements I needed. In the end, I settled for this voluptuous (and in my mind, equally enticing) blonde.

While when I began writing it, I certainly knew that I wanted to include certain elements such as Simone being desired, a short explanation of how she came to be, and a bit of a teasing element to it, it was much later that I decided to include myself in the caption as well. I couldn't resist! Simone is simply such a nice (and did I mention beautiful) woman and I couldn't help but want a piece of her for myself too! The last bit of dialogue was a bit of an homage to Simone, who has created on numerous occasions, wonderful caps for me which rank in my all time favorites--if I had to make a top ten, I'm certain that at least two of those would be from Simone, possibly even more! In writing the last scene, I pictured myself and Simone in our girly adventure, Simone being the older, wiser, but no less dazzling beauty and myself the playful, somewhat naive minx, which is appropriate given the fact that we do have approximately a decade between us in real life.

Anyways, I wanted to make this as tribute and thanks to Simone, for all the wonderful joy she's brought me since she first introduced herself to me over at the Haven (for which I am grateful). So thank you Simone! You do spoil me rotten!

Transcript: he decorative rock formation surrounding the resort pool radiated a balmy warmth that complemented the rays from above, but it was in the undisciplined stares and longing gazes that Simone basked. Her eyes were closed, but she didn’t need to see to know that a hundred pairs of ravenous male eyes were focused on her, some discreetly, whenever their wife or girlfriend’s attention was averted, and some not so discreetly. Even the cabana boy, who to his credit, had struggled so hard to remain professional for fear of losing his job, had been unable to control himself; he could have carried the drink tray on something other than his arms. She’d even caught a few men attempting to take pictures of her in secret, no doubt to be enjoyed later in private. She minded none of the ardor however. Tanning her golden bronze, silky smooth skin wasn’t the reason she was here after all. Besides, who could blame them? It wasn’t every day they had a chance to witness perfection.

Of course, no one would believe that the blonde siren had started the day as Mark, and with the persuasive power of water proof makeup, tape, and adhesive, no one would ever know. Even in her skimpy skin-tight designer bikini, there was nothing that could give her away. The two luscious mounds atop her chest looked completely natural, as natural as could be expected for Hollywood anyways, despite the fact that they were really falsies, and the smooth flat front of her bikini bottoms whispered nothing but sweet temptation. An hour or two in front of the vanity each morning was a small price to pay for total perfection. Nothing other than a blonde goddess would ever be seen leaving room 419—except for maybe a dark-haired enchantress or redheaded vixen, should the mood strike—though that wasn’t to say a variety of handsome rugged men couldn’t be seen entering her domain either. Simone fancied a well built man from time to time and Simone always got what she fancied.

Simone heard a giggle and then felt a cool splash. She turned to see Kendall’s impish face beaming up at her, Kendall’s arms folded and resting on the pool deck to prop her head up, whilst the rest of her body remained submerged.

“You’re such a tease Simone! The poor boys can’t stop looking at you. I think I even caught a few of their girlfriends staring too…and it wasn’t with jealousy…not that I’m judging, because I can’t either.” Kendall gave Simone a playful grin as she nipped at Simone’s bikini strings.

Simone stroked Kendall’s fiery red hair—a simple turn on that few knew about—as she answered, “Well then my dear, why don’t we give them something really worth watching.”

Simone planted a light kiss on Kendall’s soft lips, which quickly turned into another and another, as Kendall hoisted herself out of the water. Both girls could feel something stirring down below, but neither was particularly worried. They both knew every eye would be too preoccupied to examine anything critically.

“Mmm, you’re going to spoil me rotten,” Kendall whispered contentedly between breaths, nestled against Simone’s warm fragrant skin, as she nuzzled Simone’s luscious form.

“Don’t I always?”

“Yes, Simone, you do.”


  1. Oh what I wouldn't give to be there with them. :)

  2. I'm so grateful for this gift, Kendall. It is a real button pusher for me. PS - you are most welcome in any caps you make for me (I can barely keep myself out of the ones I make for you!). Thank you a million times!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! It was my whole-hearted goal to make something special and enjoyable for you :)

  3. Lovely caption Kendall. I loved the playful teasing tone of the story. It's fun sometimes to see the teasing sent out to the general public instead of the subject of the cap. I also have to point out how much I love the way you handled the title. I know, I know... there's a beautifully sexy woman displayed on warm rocks and an arousal inducing story below that... but the way you linked the title into the refracted light in the water just rocks my socks! Bravo!

    1. Thank you very much Caitlyn! I love it when people take the time to write such a detailed comment and especially when they take the time to appreciate more than just the text/picture. The title design was actually a last minute change, I'd had it on the lower right corner over the rock formation before, but switched it at the last minute! I'm glad you like my decision!


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