Friday, March 7, 2014

Appropriate Punishment

A chance encounter brings out the Mistress in an otherwise nondescript housewife when she discovers her latest house guest is packing more than just what's in her purse...

Transcript: “Well aren’t you a naughty girl?” a voice behind Elizabeth cooed, so close that she could feel the soft warm breath on the back of her neck, causing her to jump and nearly faint from fright. Elizabeth looked back to see who had caught her and immediately wished she hadn’t. It was Katerina, their host’s wife, that had caught her going through her things!

It hadn’t been intentional. Elizabeth had only been on her way to the bathroom when she caught sight of Katerina’s lovely lace lingerie through the open doorway. Resistance had proved futile. The opportunity play with Katerina’s dainty lingerie and stroke her enormous girlie cock at the same time had been too sweet to ignore. Sitting across the dinner table from Katerina had been pure torture. The seductive siren had nearly caused Elizabeth to poke a hole through her hose the way she gazed with mysterious eyes and continually licked her lips.  

Elizabeth’s heart was racing, what was Katerina going to do with her now? Elizabeth inhaled sharply as she felt Katerina’s hands pulling up tightly on the sides of her v-string, causing it to dig into Elizabeth’s engorged cock—hard. Katerina merely laughed as Elizabeth grimaced.

“You know, I should have you punished for invading my privacy like this. It’s such unbecoming behavior for a guest, don’t you agree?” Katerina didn’t bother to wait for a reply, “I could tell my husband, and let him deal with you, but where would be the fun in that, especially when you’re such a rare type of girl. It’s been far too long. No, I’d much rather handle this…personally. ”

Katerina had been methodically removing her clothes as she spoke, and was now clad in only a pair of high heels. She motioned for Elizabeth to do the same.

“So you like my lingerie do you? Well what do you think of me? Do I turn you on?” Katerina asked.

Elizabeth was too embarrassed to utter a word, but didn’t need to as her fully erect girlie cock explicitly communicated all that needed to be said.

“Oh don’t be shy, your cock is hardly the first to give me a standing ovation.” Katerina paused to lick each hand and then wrapped both around Elizabeth’s cock, beginning to stroke it, gently, firmly, skillfully.

Within a few minutes, Katerina had Elizabeth on the verge of exploding all over and ruining the expensive satin sheets.

“Not so fast you don’t,” Katerina warned as Elizabeth began to tense, “don’t think you’re getting off so easy.”

Elizabeth groaned in frustration as Katerina stopped at the last second. Any attempts to pleasure herself were immediately impeded by Katerina, who watched as Elizabeth’s cock slowly began to relax once more. Katerina instructed Elizabeth to scoot up the bed and make room as Katerina joined her.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. Perhaps I’ve been selfish, letting you look, but not touch…” Katerina whispered as she straddled Elizabeth in one smooth motion. Her body began to undulate like a wave as Katerina grinded her pussy up and down, back and forth against Elizabeth’s revitalized member. “Can you feel how wet I am?”

Elizabeth murmured some semblance of an affirmative before losing herself once again to the rhythm of pleasure.

Katerina smiled and continued her intimate massage, rubbing her clit and pleasuring herself now too as she did. Soon, the girls’ moans were indistinguishable from each other. Still, Katerina was careful not to allow Elizabeth’s cock to accidentally slip in or reach orgasm. After what seemed like an eternity on the edge, Katerina dismounted and reached into the nightstand drawer to grab a few things.

Elizabeth was dismayed to see a handful of condoms among the items in Katerina’s hand, but she wasn’t about to protest. If it meant she would finally get to cum, then so be it. While Katerina had brought her to the brink of ecstasy over and over again, all Katerina’s teasing had left Elizabeth’s balls unbearably sore and she was desperate for some relief. Elizabeth watched impatiently as Katerina slowly unwrapped and laid out not one, not two, but five condoms! Sure, girls like her had a reputation for producing gallons of cum, but five still seemed rather excessive. Katerina took her time to squirt a copious amount of a viscous clear fluid—presumably lube—into the first condom before rolling it over Elizabeth’s enormous cock.

“I was almost afraid it wouldn’t fit!” Katerina proclaimed proudly, then rolled the remaining condoms on, one by one until Elizabeth’s cock was better wrapped than a Christmas present.

Then, the moment that Elizabeth had been waiting for finally arrived. Katerina put a knee just wide of each hip, gripped Elizabeth’s cock, and began to lower herself onto it. Elizabeth closed her eyes so that she could savor the sensation, but was confused when nothing had still happened after half a minute. Opening her eyes, Elizabeth was both shocked and horrified to see Katerina riding her cock like a pro, clearly enjoying herself, while Elizabeth on the other hand couldn’t feel a thing!

Katerina merely looked at her wickedly, “A skin absorbed local anesthetic—it’ll wear off in a half hour, but until then, I could cut it off and you wouldn’t even know! But don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that, not to you anyways. Your cock is far too magnificent. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anyone reach that deep in me before. It’s such a shame you’ll never know how amazing this feels!”

Elizabeth pushed back tears of frustration, but couldn’t help but whimper as she watched Katerina bring herself to orgasm over and over again.

“Told you you weren’t going to get off easy,” Katerina reminded Elizabeth as her fingers began to clench the sheets once more, “but maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you jerk yourself off to me and relieve the pressure in those big heavy balls of yours…next week.”


  1. Excellent caption. It is a little different. I like it a lot.

    1. Thank you very much! I've been getting into a shemale/crossdressing but getting caught by a more than enthusiastic female friend kick as of late :)


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