Saturday, August 25, 2012

Clearing the Last Hurdle

This one is definitely one of my personal favorites now. I didn't think it would be when I started writing it, but looking back at it now, this one just hits plenty of my own buttons. I hope it hits plenty of  yours too!


  1. "... {YES! music to my ears!} thought Dani, as she felt herself enveloping the advance of Jake's throbbing member into her freshly minted depths. {that's it, jake, make me honestly a woman! we'll talk about 'making an honest woman of me' some other time but, right now, press-on!} ..."

    Hey, Kendall! I hope you don't mind the little 'Elle-pilogue' but, your cap is hot and this is what comes my mind reading it.


    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my place! I hope you like the fare. oxoxo

  2. Ooh, spicy and I don't mind at all. In fact I'm flattered that you liked it enough to share your own epilogue with me :)

    I love your word play there, "make me honestly a woman" and "makiing an honest woman of me". I like that idea very much!

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by here too!


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