Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photshoot Fill-in

Hey Everyone!

For anyone wondering, yes, I am alive and doing well. I apologize for a lack of posting or any activity as of late. Some things have happened in my life that has prevented me from participating in this part of my life, not all bad, just things. So with that being said, my posting will probably be rather irregular for some time to come until things settle down for me. 

I did however not want to leave the month of January without having made a single post, so I'll be posting two different captions I've managed to write in what little time that I did have. The first, Photoshoot Fill-in is below while the second, Undisturbed, is in a separate post below. Hope you like them!


  1. And what a life appears to be in store for Emily! Becoming a veritable overnight sexess... er, I mean success! Yum!!


    1. Hehe, she is rather sexy I must say!


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