Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nowhere to Run

Being shipwrecked isn't the only problem these three are facing...

Also, I will be gone for a couple of weeks with limited internet access, so I'm afraid my cap production will be very limited during that time. Hopefully this'll hold you guys over until I get back!

"Nowhere to Run" Transcript:

What were they going to do now? Covering their exposed forms with large banana leaves, the three men tried not to think about what else might go awry. They were already trapped in more ways than one. Just the day before, a rogue wave had stranded them on the temperate South Pacific island, and now an overnight stay in a mysterious cottage had dramatically transformed each of them into a dazzling young woman!

The three of them, along with a fourth companion, had happened to chance upon the quaint uninhabited abode whilst scouting the previous day, but being hopelessly lost, had decided to seek refuge in it for the evening. The next day, the sun’s morning rays had revealed that they were not far from where the rest of their shipwrecked companions had fashioned a makeshift camp—indeed they could see the camp from the cottage balcony—but they dared not return to their fellow castaways, not in their current forms, not after what they had just witnessed.

Their fourth companion had taken the loss of his manhood the hardest and had screamed incoherently as he fled the cottage in terror. He had raced back towards the campsite with all possible speed, never realizing how a dozen sexually-starved, slightly delirious men might react to a beautiful naked woman. To make matters worse, the new girl quickly discovered that she could only babble in a language that had been completely foreign to her minutes just before and was entirely incomprehensible to the men around her. Her former friends had encircled her like a pack of hungry wolves. She hadn’t stood a chance.

The three could only watch helplessly from afar as the gang of men deflowered the new girl over and over and over again. Even from the cottage balcony, they could hear the girl’s banshee-like screams echoing across the distance. It was a savage carnal show, one that both terrified and fascinated its audience. Despite their inhibitions, the three girls could feel themselves embarrassingly beginning to moisten down below. The voyeuristic nature of the experience was arousing exotic new emotions in each of them and enveloping their minds in shameless fantasies. What if they had been the one to sprint back to camp instead? How would it feel to be taken over and over again? What if the men found them? And what might the men do to them when they did? The girls couldn’t wait to find out.


  1. Oh the curiosity. Wanting to know the feel of that erotic, sensual touch. The carnal passion of being taken.

    Fun idea, dear.

  2. I hope you enjoy your couple of weeks away on this lovely tropical isle. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fascinating stories like this to share!!


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